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Oh man, Joe Haden person. Joe Haden was also very good. Affiliates played like relatively well tonight. Like all another roughing, the Basser here problem or the pick up the flag. Right? Both. I think Cam here, we're just bullied the referee picking up. The flag is like, fuck, was that nothing? Nothing. Mr.. Did you see him on the background of that that stiff, he couldn't believe. He he was pointing laughing and like Nelson months, it was great. Still is too many guys on the field. Good start. This has no idea. Oh boy. Two passes to dare interception four down territory. So this could be four pick territory. I'm fine with that. White receiver lose it. It's my blind Austin Humphries. It's been there forever. He loves to like they got, I got Howard and Mike Mike Evans on my fantasy team, he'll catch like three touchdowns sick as Like. like. Danes ends in Bhakkar was back in the league. Some is finally shows up. That's three literally is almost three interceptions on three straight bats. Come to seventy five yard bomb. That's just the Fitzpatrick can't wait. I can't wait. Right now. I am up one twenty three point six to one twelve point. Seven fantasy. All he has is Ryan Fitzpatrick. So if he does eighty touchdown Bob, I think I loose 'obediently problem media punting what's happening here. Actually, you know, with the way Pittsburgh offense played this half, you got two timeouts in the warning. I don't hate it Ross burgers late. They might go off sides here. I out you never know roughing the plant passer. Oh, what a boom. That's what I'm saying. Yeah. He got a good putter their offense, a stunt. I kinda don't hate the move. I don't like dirt cutters glasses at all though. No, very pretentious. I don't think he's he's not good enough as a coach. We weren't his glasses, right? Yeah, it was like Patricia determines hat back around. Yeah, elite till he want a couple of games. It respect the game. It creep. Of the week apertures. Done, turn done that isn't just are playing. I do like a book follows like I'd like to call the game, but I do not want to be there with you to white breads. About, here's a thought about you will be courts. On a roving mechanism. So I can always be in the perfect Seton house. Yeah. I wear button up shirt. I, we'll tuck it in. I will concede that and you throw it to me every four downs, say whatever you feel like it really. I'm in no rush. Tampa Bay is getting this ball, but yeah, they certainly are after that after that first inspiring, Blake Pittsburgh, classic fashion. He was gonna throw on second down, stop the clock in Caputo's sale right over Judy z. oh yeah, who who was Pittsburgh often the coordinator now don't even know society. Alia, it's literally like cut to earlier. It's literally a guy who hasn't been in office of Gordon since he coached it Memphis in two thousand six, eleven guys come back. They're always like selling insurance or something. Yeah, they're showing them right now. I guess he's Ben Rothlisberger z- offensive coordinator there QB coached the sole time, but he just hasn't been a an actual coordinator since the season. He's, he hasn't won a game yet. Rain-d finger Fichtner Fichtner. Yeah, coordinator quarterbacks coach from Memphis. Oh, window, six. When they were just tearing the powerhouse yet. And yeah, quarterback coats. So, yeah, he's been. In the squad. I guess he's been yelled at by Todd Haley. Plenty. He's here. We go play action. Oh boy is going over. Oh. Wow, it worked. Oh, he's a dead man. Is the dusty field I've ever seen. Yeah, it's not great. I guess it was like rainier. Some Schick is they're saying like everyone's cleats filled with mud. Simply very healthy way to play football. Zero tractor. Hamming walls all over the place. Yeah, tremendous. Good game for bring Grimes. Most of them aren't. He was good for what he was. I just mean recent history. Yeah, hey, I gave in the league. He was nice for I wanna say five years. Oh boy, she's Broncos next week. That's a pretty good. I don't know how feel about Mahomes haircut, I don't winners cut. Well, he wears it with the the headband. It looks like it looks fine with the head headband, but without. I don't know if that's like, yeah, like if sideshow Bob adapted to modern times. Yeah, he's out there. Sasho mahomes. Yeah, I'm not going to the only haircut doubting these days..

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