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Is gary. Vr experience out getting ready to take yourself off mute as well. Thanks joe ed gerry. I from okc area hours after your time at the moment. In seventy evening I'm running videos the blog rich. It's grim all and we have thirty. Getting and i'll be delighted. Burston links to game. Are you sure you're not in my office. My friend I would love to be confronted them. Thanks for being here. Thanks bye now to seattle washington. Jeremy whose agony. Be bringing up the ceo's into the forties of the next few months. Jeremy winning say hi to gary. Thanks to good morning. Gary jeremy hill From seattle run a company called b. capital we invest make credit investments across the sme landscape across the country in talking to joe james for awhile and have a one of our portfolio companies ryan along with today so happy to share some time real pleasure. My friend with that ryan in rice. Excel off mutants. That had to gator gary brian hogan co founder and ceo at hunter killer I know that sounds pretty pretty crazy. But we send immersive murder mysteries each month episodically and we are. We have our eyes on digital rick. Major and down here in kelly. We've got russell mcdonald. russell's gary wearing. How's it going russell mcdonald i m a mortgage broker in austin bay. Area pleasure russell. Thanks for being part of this in in california's well we've got feeling ill and say hi. You're on mute. Money gary this is still in and I'm from berry as well. We run a direct to consumer dental product. Company called jest into lab. We make custom guard for people who grind their teeth at night very important product. Yeah help people sleep. Better real pleasure. We've got ason jamie is jamie santa. Hey gary you doing buddy ason jamie here pleasure to guys we ron eskimo media out of long island york and we help. Businesses grow their revenue through social media marketing and we are pumped to be here and learn. let's go back and we'll start with george over in bulgaria. Your got your moment in the sun. Gary i'm gonna go ahead and say we're gonna try a for twelve minutes but bear with me so george go ahead nassar financial pressures for deity jolt gary first of all Saudi timing so nervous. Second of all congrats on the video. You most only stick. Anthony overdoing me up for the g. grid excited about it. Look at about To do a lot of them seeing didn't you to do what he listed. Welcome to will be the best in the world. i don't really have too many shoes by heft to austrian. Both of our generation goes to corpulence business the first of all always need generating that so appropriate saved the us invented. He's slated law so if to find a way stool create these great salesperson and strategy the In my skill is obviously based on what you do take agents. We don't aim attracts ages They just communicating with the world. The benefits of augustinian recently launched rogan of Percent commission agents in the states with keller williams with gene they had this kept percents which egg shortly after. They play if This for twelve months the rest of the months until the twelve months they percent which is before us because we do out a no budget because they bring home a lot of money which is interesting spent so so basically. My question is how got get through The the gateway sale attraction in the newest age section with giving might discounted. I'm let me break it down for you. So i think on the. Let's talk about the real estate agents and let's talk about it in real life. How how many do you have look. And and what how does the percentage of let's call it. Exceptional good an average of that. You know what percentage are exceptional. Those thirty five vertify ego which is like fifty percents. And how many are good. And then we have Let's say loa types at the bottom so that that french yard in the middle. So i think i think that the the way to think about it a couple of things one. You're only as if you're not going to waste not going after experienced agents or going after experience agents right to me. I'm always going to go after not experience with a couple of experience so you get a couple of experienced because you need it but i would spend all my time and energy on the training so that you could take literally dried. Bushy tailed people. That just want to get into it. What i've noticed from a lot of real estate brokerages is that they don't have a good training program and they're not committed to it. The rolling the dice said. They're hoping they get good people. They're not cultivating good people. So the way i would do it is. I would spend more money than most people would expect one to three or or me. George me gary. I mean a lot more time training people. Most people don't wanna do that because they always worry that will train them up and they get good. They might leave. It's a waste of time. The problem is you're in the business of people right. That's the problem. I have been in media. Stop me right. And when you're a good person use the right thing you can have a situation like. I have with joe and many people my company where people stay a long time just a couple of years. So that's the real answer to attracting talent. I think you this. You can get a lot more. People that are raw. Wanna get in where you have to spend more money than you're spending or your tyke is on the cultivating of people. Not johnny's not johnny's not. Good you gotta end when you know. The bottom five aren't good. You need to turn them and get rid of them in a nice way in a human way but they're taking too much. Energy rolled the message. And this machine of attracting of electing. I mean that's that's that's easy and our al explain. Why in the second and and really matters to your marketplace. So i have a very good understanding of the global market. But i'm i'm not as deep as i wish i could be on the bulgarian market so we have to talk about and i thought i might have walked in when james was talking about tick-tock and why like it you know to me. It's always the same game you know what i do. know about. Bulgaria with youtube and facebook is instagram as their scale there and i believe for all of you from kristie with red vines to you to everybody. Everybody is underestimating. How much you can build a brand and.

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