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You're listening to wrestling observer. Live with bryan alvarez and mike. Vv on the sports byline broadcasting network alvarez as here wrestling observer. alive have a mike zimmer. Vv also wrestling observer dot com. I should know by the way that we've been like a million new shows got mad. Men eighty live watch along to niece's now doing three shows every week there's a there's a post ethics t a post. Aew post smackdown. Shell all of these wrestling observer dot com. you can get the audio. It's just with your subscription video data online dot com and now this from the front page rushing dot com fight game. Podcasts comes to figure four online. You've heard gear. Gonzales guest co hosts on wrestling observer radio but now he and john laura bring their popular weekly fight game podcast to figure for online every thursday morning easter. It's just in the morning eastern time. Some points could be up there. Even familiar with johnny's working pro wrestling booker and promoter northern california together he get recap. Aws dynamite an annex t cover all the big news in the world of pro wrestling every single week. Join geared in john. Every thursday morning fight game podcast on figure for online so there's another one for you wrestling observer dot com head of their in sign up today. I think that we had we had like twelve thousand hours of audio. Last me to plug. I think we're fifteen thousand hours now. I'd have to go up and do the math. But there's let archive shows up there for buddy so check it out. Tonight is a w. here's the lineup. We've got a lot of stuff two weeks after they were laid out by the young bucks. Good brothers and kenny omega john. Moxie eighty kingston will return on wednesdays. Live aid w dynamite. Six man tag against omega and the good brothers in a six man. The bucks turned on moxley reunited with their old teammates so they returned to night that is in addition to darby allin versus jungle. Boy for the title. Encarta sheet of versus tyke conti for the women's title hangman page versus ricky starks christian cage versus powerhouse hobbs penta versus trent trent billy gunn versus cutey marshall. Inner circle interviews tony shivani or with tony and the pinnacle interview with jim. Ross so inner circle and pinnacle interviews. They've now given you who's going to interview them. So it'll be tony. Shivani with the inner circle and jim. Ross with the pinnacle now mike the big question that i asked before you came on the air today. What in god's name are you wearing now. The real question is what do you predict for a for a rating for last night. Say seven fifty five in nine fifty five. I think it will drop back under a million but it does really really well. It stays in the upper nines so they be that big of a drop. Because i think they both have good job serving both of their fans interest last week and this week the show seems look strong enough to be damn near a million people so how much malaysia was actually wait. No that'd be debbie down two hundred and fifty thousand eight elliott. My math is would be. I guess i maybe i should take myself off the show for greece. So you're predicting that. Aws going to be down a quarter of a million people. An annex t is going to be down fifty thousand. That's your prediction. I'll give him a million. I'll bump it up to a million. I'll say seven fifty five million. I'll say they lose two hundred thousand people. I'm sure somebody who's a big next fan is going to look at that point and laugh and and all that sort of stuff but i don't think it's a disappointing number. I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility. And i don't think anybody should be ashamed about it. If it's barely a million orphans just over a million. I think that would be a good number no matter what i don't look at that as disappointing. Well i believe that. Here's my prediction. My prediction is at inex- t is going to do between seven twenty five and seven fifty largely due to a complete and total lack of card and the advertisement of zero stars on the show and the last second they announced it. And we'll get to cool. Kyle but anyway i would say between seven twenty five and seven fifty would be my guess for xt. And i would say i. I'm going to predict that. Aws does roughly one point one. Five million viewers got it. Okay so prediction me and fifteen thousand more viewers than me and you know the more interesting thing may be what it peaks at what they're max number of viewers was and i don't unfortunately i didn't think to look at what they did last week with the highest point of that show was but it'll be interesting to see what that point is actually this week and compared in comparison last week because you can have a number in theory that's a little bit lower but also spike a little bit higher too so again this is he has been doing and obviously they were building behind kyle o'reilly they're still not really announcing matches even though they've announced a couple for next week and they've pretty much stayed with a pat hand with most of the people that they been using obviously you got ta valkyrie in the mix and things like that but with a w i mean they continue to pour the heat on and they continue to advertise pretty stacked at least stack shows as far as their fans. Go with names that people know. If you're lapsed fan you might see billy gunn on there and it pops you there. You gotta title match. You got a high profile women's match with to really popular female wrestlers. I mean they kind of touch a lot of different things when he comes through their shows. And we just got to see if it all clicks people here think of. Nfc's gonna do much worse because of the new shows based on the chauvin trial and it is it is it is possible. Okay but i think this is my feeling about this okay. I feel that everybody who is very very interested in this trial was probably watching the verdict to being read live. And if not. I think that you probably heard about it very very quickly now. If you didn't care then i don't think you can be just like glued to the new shows hours later to find out what happened like if you cared. I think that this was this was something that you know hours and hours and hours before annex t started like you were following this and and i believe that like once once. The verdict was read. It's like what. Am i gonna watch the new show for tonight like they're gonna show me the verdict again. They're gonna they're gonna go over like everyone got the verdict. They got the answer. And so i'm not sure that like the top fifty is going to be news as a result of this if they would have been deliberating. Or if they would've announced during this will be read and so everybody was glued to the news during an t waiting for the verdict to be read. That would have murdered annex t. Sorry about that. That would have destroyed at exte- but i don't think that's what happened. I think people sides. And i think the now they are they are like they saw what they wanted to see and i don't think they're going to be watching an hour of news. For what else is there. I mean. I don't think there's footage live during an exterior of this dude being taken in shackles. Everyone saw that in the afternoon..

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