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It's five one two eight three six zero five ninety and attention to every business owner on one eighty three from mom mopac all the way to the north all the way up to six twenty you know that forty five toll road up there yeah transportation planners are getting closer and closer to final approval for some new tolled lanes on one eighty three it's gonna be a project that consumes many years it's a multi million dollar project five hundred million plus that's what they're starting out with about depending on your personal take on toll roads the latest announcement from the central Texas regional mobility authority you may be happy you may be disappointed yeah the mobility authority in text of signed off on an agreement to bring these tolling lanes to one eighty three two tolling lanes in each direction actually spending right down the center of the roadway here is Justin word he is with the C. T. R. and may he's an engineer state highway forty five in the north to mopac live on in the south about nine miles along that facility total project cost right now hovers around five hundred million five hundred million dollars they say the project could start in twenty twenty one could be wrapped up by twenty twenty five to told express lanes in the center of solely completing a for general purpose lying on the outside Montel there you go that's been a lot of people say we need to improve traffic flow on that road you always hear people complaining about six twenty coming from like Travis headed to one eighty three the going south into downtown we have a full report on this story on the front page of our website and news radio K. L. B. J. dot com to headline major overhaul plan for one eighty three north.

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