California, Mary Todd Lincoln discussed on Fresh Air - Inside The Donner Party


Which came in handy in a down the road so to speak in california for read but lincoln wanted to go to california he did his whole life even up until the time of his death an eighteen 65 vets he was such a promoter of the transcontinental railroad he was even offered a governorship in the pacific northwest during his political career but and all these occasions mary todd lincoln his wife of thought better of it so we have these ambitious people moving to california hoping to make their fortunes these were the days when the phrase manifest destiny was used to describe this impetus for settlers to move west and populate the continent did this matter to these people in the donner read party or were they just thinking about their own futures a little bit of both they were obviously people of their time most of them work were quite literate and as you say a well off they had to be in order to make this journey to afford the wagons and oxen and all the rest that went with it the herds of cattle the the servants the hired hands and and they were certainly aware of these words manifest destiny that god almighty had given the angle of population of the eastern united states it made it manifested they could cocker they could take they could consume the rest of the continent so as they prepared to go hundreds of miles over land give us a sense of.

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