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The damaging diplomatic dispute between qatar and its neighbors including saudi arabia the bbc's alan johnston south korea says north korea will close its main nuclear test site next month and when it does pyongyang will invite international security experts npr's elise hugh reports the timing for a nuclear site shutdown comes out of south korea's presidential office following kim's historic summit with south korean president moon jae in on friday the site is poon gerry and northern north korea where the kim regime has flouted international rules six times to test nuclear devices underground kim reportedly told moon not only that he would invite insecurity experts but also journalists to observe the dismantling according to the blue house kim further said that once the us and north korea start talking the us will know that he is quote not a type of person to fire nuclear weapons at south korea the pacific or the us a date and venue for a summit between kim and president trump hasn't yet been set elite few npr news soul a un security council team is visiting sprawling refugee camps in bangladesh where tens of thousands of rohingya muslims are living after fleeing attacks by me and mars military meanwhile michael sullivan reports another ethnic minority group in me and maher is battling government forces the united nations has more than four thousand people have fled the recent fighting between me mars armenian ethnic kitchen insurgence in the north of the country near the border with china mark cutts who heads the un's office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs in myanmar told the afp news agency that our biggest concern is the safety of civilians including pregnant women the elderly small children and people with disabilities we must ensure that these people are protected more than ninety thousand people are now living in temporary camps in kitchen and sean states fighting has intensified between the military and the rebel group in recent weeks and there are unconfirmed reports of civilian casualties for npr news i'm michael sullivan in chiang rai thailand this is npr news schools in several arizona districts will stay close tomorrow teacher say they'll continue their walkout demanding a twenty percent pay raise and more funding for public education the head of the national endowment for the arts is resigning npr's elizabeth blair reports jane chew says her last day as chair of.

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