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We resign melatonin max, even though we understand we're rebuilding. So okay. This is what I mean things have been bad so far. But this is where things get terrible when you mentioned the mayfield's accent in New York accent. Then we get Derek Fisher Dan, put Takata Derek Fisher. That was right when he left o'casey, literally, Jason Kidd, we should do it. But whatever, and I resigned mellow to amac's no we were in reveal and twenty fourteen also and we didn't have a draft pick in two thousand fourteen because we sent that pick to Denver four mellow coincidentally and twenty four team. We went seventeen sixty five. What is how we get Chris? Too bad. That's the one thing. Phil jackson. Dear right. Maybe not so much. But also twenty fifteen we traded JR any mon- shopper for Lance Thomas and some other pieces, but it was. Hake included. Hurt team debt. We didn't we wanted to mount off so bad. We were just like forget it y'all anybody then they went on to be. When it rang championship. Okay. Thomas last time. I mean, y'all traded away beliefs. I got some decent return. Thanks. Starting three. Fred sized three some of five fish higher. Jeff hornicek trae for Dave rose and give Joe Kim Noah for your seventy two main conscious walls, look craze and say that last part again, y'all gave who will contract joke Joachim. No, right, y'all know that super team that they're grows talked about like they say with the next say all of the players on the team are going or the big four Chris Kristaps there grows mellow mellow and Courtney Lee that was their big four that super team is all gone now, according to the maverick now, he's a maverick and he's gonna play solitaire keeping up pace Tonto. The Martin's outage joke him, no Gordon Hayward. Now that trae we deal by on. We don't have that picking twenty sixteen because we gave it to Toronto. Right. That takes turns into when I'm sorry. Oh, yeah. Pick. Very very dance around this while our picks that we kept trading away turned into lamarcus Aldridge joke him Noah, Gordon Hayward and Jamal though, you got him later three four walls does right in the market show Cam and Jamal can he will be events or will he will give into. Oh, maybe not though the way that westby, but he's also potentially for sure he's Gallison potential. And then the mellow field. Jackson drama star. The only draft neither Keno over and over a lot of people didn't you trade for this? So. So you got best about world. We could've get Joe Camel Insein hamster seven two million. Yep. And we went twenty three and twenty nine and fifty three again in twenty seventeen. And then last year, we got Kevin Knox and Mitchell river Roberson and allows the trees, so far it seems pretty decent. And now we hear. You went through all that. But I broke you from when you started it he has some Sheraton's where he was Nick fan. Although, but at the end, you started bumming down, this is this is this is my point. And what I wanted to show people is that they built me up and gave me hope when we just had. I hope we have kevon knocks money where we're a run for a number one overall pick. So he was questioned me Found you're. while you're is I do we'd says we're doing we went into rebuilding while in a review. Why did history of that ever happened when you're in a rebuild like he's grabbing reset it who reads says don't wanna reset as unheard of? It's unheard of Maas in my sixteen year period of being a Nick fan. We don't add ten coaches. That's not good. So I'll list to say are you still with it? This is what I was asked to say is that. I'm. I knew he was going to also ask catch. This is what it is everybody asking me all the flooded with the same question and people want to know, I some people tell me also we get about don't come back. I of growing. What to do period? But for the Knicks. We have a marriage is a sixteen year by. I am legally separated right now, and I have interest in third and with Dallas Mavericks, but you can go to counselor a lot of things could bring that relationship back together. What I'm doing? I'm leaving a door open for them to win me back. If you marry girl would you do when her back. Yup. Yup..

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