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Last couple of hours so we know the threats there but no widespread tornado watch boxes this large sprawling system multi layers slow moving as well so cross the carolinas in the morning we're going to see some heavy rain there will get up into the ohio river valley as well then eventually into jersey and new york city but never really not till tomorrow night into wednesday morning substantial rains across the northeast one to two inches here potentially three to four inches from charlotte to roanoke so potential for flooding there i think really tonight tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon rob marciano with us tonight rob thanks as always and from london tonight a more welcome headline than the bad weather here the newest member of the royal family prince william and duchess kate and their new baby boy take a locate with their new son and right beside that photograph of diana a lot of comparisons today given the color of the clothes and holding the baby that was harry by the way and look at this from today big sister charlotte coming to meet her little brother charlotte turning around though to give the crowd and extra wave stealing their hearts abc's james longman from london wrapped up tight take into at britain's newest prints a third child welcome today by catherine anna husband prince william duchess admits it to the private wing of saint mary's hospital in london at six am this morning going into labor right on her judeh and news of the both came soon off to a little boy so the officials sign outside buckingham palace red bone five hours later when eight pounds and seven ounces the huge head the wealth press waiting for news of that little baby boy.

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