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When you create your account to claim your bonus that win get paid only at mybookie comeback think another is gonNA WANNA fight war. It's it's a totally different fighters. He welcome ward is to he welcomed Mayweather and ward. I'm not saying he could represent the same amount of pay day but I think would would represent a huge payday. Ward was never known as a slouch approach so they gotta Pay Nello to fight ward. Data dangerous fight was born in eighty four to he ain't oh he's not old. He's like thirty four. Maybe yeah understood Barton. Oh for boxing man you bumped your head Floyd for Canelo at a fucking thirty six hotson boxes stand is what I mean. Guys are happening more longevity nowadays than than than than they know baby ten fifteen years ago on Jimmy. Don't mean not up in age. I mean I mean what it is to my it. Also it also translates old. Oh did fly look old at thirty six versus Cannella did he. He looked like the best version of himself he lost. No fucking rounds. This should disarm get at you know damage and fights goes into account you know the the the life of a fighter has many factors in you know how many battles he's been in this some young guys that are worse than than the older guys depending on how many Beano Brew Brew fights they've been in so many browns and how many fights and how many grueling punishment has a fighter taken then we could talk about the life of a fighter me no joy mayweather. He's special specimen. You feel me well fuck. It never gets hit so of course the his his his his forty. Year old is probably like a a a thirty year old collazo. You know what I'm saying or one of the other fighters that have been in wars. You know what I mean. It's difference difference. Even though ward would be. I mean that would be a hell of a super fight. I mean Dat Dat right there. I think would be most. I mean PRI- pry flu may whether it was the hardest fight he had. He got sucked down. He wasn't in the right position for that fight. I'm pretty sure that come they would not treat a Andre Ward like he has Kovalenko. He saw something and cope eleven. I know you probably goes rolling Tunis. Might AH behind John. John David Jackson Access said that the week because I feel about that I wouldn't say that the the the weakest I mean looking at me. I wouldn't say that that that he's the week that it might be the most vulnerable and but to say wait a bit the days a week cold proven sport done allowed to sport and said I don't agree for him to be called the weakest champion when other three champions ain't really done what he's done so I I didn't like when John David Jackson John David Jackson with maybe a little bit you know I know vindictive. It is what we all understand where that's coming from understand. What see were that's coming from now? Ward has officially two years out of the ring last night was June seventeenth two thousand seventeen and he has a far cry. I mean Peter Calling two years off floyd to almost two years of eighteen months something like that true true. I mean look at it. All goes to what I always say like. What are you doing outside the ring are you active ward has always been known as is a you know a person that really takes care of his body? You know he's a man of God and he tried to live a life. You know where you know. He doesn't you know defile the temple. You know so you know I I would expect them to be in good health but our activities is key is he hitting the bag has been active dipped then again. He's a he's. I mean he's a he's a he's a he's not I'm not gonNA say maybe would you agree hall of fame fighter but like he's he's. He's a here but listen remember that we've seen him on a contender staying active. You know what I mean. He was spawned with them plus. You know we seen them. Drop little videos on his. I G throughout the last two years showing that he's back in the gym like he ain't letting himself get away we see her on TV. He don't look like Bradley. Bradley looks his Saas Us. Let's just think about that for second. Ward is not letting go you know maybe he is telling the truth. He has no reason to lie or does he like. Why are you guys not thinking about the fact that year? You say you left ten million on the table. Danger Volunteers say he wanted ten and that's what may Eddie say oh. I'M GONNA sit down with zone. Don't you gotTA speak a believer receive it. If war tells you I left ten million I mean you gotta come correct with an eight figure deal for him just for one fight if he left ten the eight figures you gotTa Come High A. Figures you know maybe maybe wards just working the media you know allow US Tayfun. Fit zagging that fight broke out little seeds you drop little seeds and see what's going to happen. See how the people react you know so he said to himself Oh you asked me if I want the winner. That was four days ago then four days later he like. Oh we take himself he's now. Why are you worried worried you ain't into the winner or are you worried or you interested four days ago? He told the basketball player he wasn't yesterday he on it so I like it. He say left money on the table. Here goes champ hit goes. You can do it to you on on that floor level where you barely get hit you know I know he went down versus Cova laugh but you know he barely gets hit so it's like he can do it. I mean a return to you want to set that up. Why don't we take it away already? He's calling into the studio okay a coup skype so he could sound like yeah but you know the war men wore Tinley doesn't take the just my personal opinion a proponent but I don't know how many people really really are clamoring to see war comeback in rain either. You don't think you move the needle. Honestly I mean I don't know I I like to see war fighters like that but I mean it wasn't a whole lot of buzz on saying when he fought Coppola the those two times even though the I I in a lot of controversy thanks the second fight did did too so I mean they added to it but it wasn't really like he was overwhelming and like a reed the the Joshua or a wild interfering on apple two G. on San Sammy. I think what award is is a good fighter if he wants to come back and he'll come back I don't I don't know about the polling the public trying to entice the Republicans are trying to entice us she. I WANNA say entice. I'm just saying more around the lines of like Devante like you tell the interviewer viewer what you want just like Eddie said you'll I'll pay eight million for mikey early. Each you know you tell them what would get your attention. What would get you to think about it once? You're talking my language then we could sit down. That's all I'm saying. Is this that can it be at least I'm able what wait what way wait would they meet up on because I mean you know once more see that that's the Dave Ward is to work. Hink Ward is not going to be looked at well. Obviously feet canal would even accept that because I don't think another would accept that against type of boxer Andre Ward is lay off your plan. My boy never never mcnabb he can Nilo is not except in one hundred seventy five pound bout Broadway on Jay Ward's happening. Brian Copeland is a natural hundred. I seventy five pounds of his entire career. His he got more knockouts then war. He knocked down ward. Stop acting like Cannella would yes afraid of woodstock. It's it's not about being afraid. Ness is about game plan. You think chief strategy changes emotionally totally when you find out how we got dissolve EP Joe Pronounced that last name do me. You're the man or cow ski Mark Hausky on the Line Joe. Obviously you see what it is. We're talking about this morning. Canelo cove lab really bringing the buzz to all five fans but now we see Andre Ward a former pound propound number one the King of the light heavyweight division coming out quote tweeting on a zone Promo of behind the scenes footage between Cannella a wink overland taking a Selfie and ward says we take himself he would opponents now. Okay bet so we're scratching their heads with thinking could dissolve be interested interested in the return of Andre Ward for the winner of Kovolev Canal. Oh now I know that's a lot of hypotheticals but it's gotta make some sort of sense for you. Guys Festival say thanks for having me and say is great. All social posts the Creighton such Sasha Pharaon Boxing Fraternity so I it's great it's great. We're off the one year in such a such a part of their conversation. we always had I yesterday yesterday. go back go about yesterday. After a few days with with two golden boy team Connecticut he's pumped to he's ready. He's pretty focused on that and I think the the genuine genuine tests for him stepping up There's no easy easy talks. I very much doubt he is thinking about anything to do with Andre Ward right now he's aw one thing in his mind and that's working out ways to to be covered that we we. We've got a brilliant schedule now from cyber through December I'm very keen that we think three or four chess moves ahead of ourselves. It's important in boxing the do that especially in voting out schedule if if they wanna see that sounds like that there's a there's a huge amount of entrust around Canada right now. It's not going to see him against anyone. We're interested in that fought all right so we will do our homework. We'll look at it but I don't think any fought to get to be made in the back of a single common on twitter so I hope that one nice that's for a while you'd eight months no problem but first and foremost good morning and thank you for coming on the show and giving it's an opportunity to interview here in our audience and just being so opening candidate every time. Did you allow me to interview you. I do want to take your attention mentioned back to a comment that I've seen so I WANNA make sure that it's not taken out of context but I'm paraphrasing. It was something about zone making stance on no longer overpaying and it was your quote if you could just give us a little more context yeah. There's an contact ton I'll give you on contact. Small costs game relation to that point. If you like I think we've into the market twelve months ago. we like many new entrants in a Eddie new industry have to work out ways of of finding the table right and I think in such mature such a I established market as the US broadcasts voice ball crossing market we have to pay in some cases for to make certain and things happened That's not true sort of market entry premium that we saw swallow what I what I'm saying is. I think that now that the market is you know understanding physician understanding business model understanding relationships. We've chosen to strike with writers and certain parts is outdoors always business but we season normality returning to the to the mark in terms of how fight today to pay more the making of those fights because you know that there's been a number of instances where we've had knocked on the door from from guys making you know X. Money on on on linear networks asking the ten X. on refusing to negotiate until we we had X. Number bashes not sustainable. It's not fair. It's the economic so what what sagging these comments is. We'd have pay handsomely when the pay fairly the guys that moved the needle subscription wise on design was on and we're we're in relationships the number of guys ready Fi more out there. We talked to talk to you at the right time. WE'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA focus on the needle moving parts focus on giving guys affair of Unity to have a crack at defeating those needle moving world champions Champions the stars but we're not gonNA pay him five six seven times. Were usually making us where just because we're shit because we're we're brown the rocky. We've done that in some instances paid more than we would have liked to but we're killing our what what we wanna do it could now on the the the learnings we've taken off the twelve months in the in the industry in the US I. I'm more confident in inheriting oppositional negotiation Point Orange Now we had the president of the I. B. O. Yesterday on that let us snow the Gennady Gluskin will be fighting for the I B O Chanko. IBM Vacant title fight but I haven't haven't seen any recognition of that IBO via zone on any social media post or anything like that and I also know through the interview that we had with him yesterday that Dervish Survey Chanko is not sanctioned to win that fight if he wins any reason why you're not using the I B oh four war. I don't know like you would any other bell in terms of all including in in in all pressure materials yeah like just recognizing as part of the fight physique. Could it could go down. It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind..

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