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When it comes to usage of the bullpen. Is that a collaborative effort between you guys in the front office and the dugout or is that all? Is that all present all Kappler and his his lieutenant's coming up with how they want to use guys on a game in game out basis, or just over the course of a series. Yeah, it's obviously driven by the clubhouse driven by a cap on Drew Bailey thing. Kat Craig Albert as Ah, Who's our bullpen coach who obviously knows the relievers really well, and we have conversations. You know, every once in a while, you know, sometimes daily, but not necessarily just kind of going through. I know what relievers you know the staff like in what parts of the opposing line up and you know what we can expect from our starter on that day, just kind of get on the same day. It's really not like map out a strategy for that game. It's just more to make sure nobody's missing anything, and we're just kind of on the same page. In terms of you know how how we see the roles on the team evolving. You know, you have a game like yesterday and Tyler Anderson threw a great game for us. We're all really excited about it. That was more of a medical situation where you've got a guy 20 innings to the Big league Last year you had a major knee surgery pitch for us on Sunday hadn't There are more than 50 pitches in a game this year and so hadn't really done in a while. And he was on a pretty strict pitch count. As a result, 65 70 pitches and believe me, you know when, when you're in the game shoes and you have a guy dealing like that, In course field The left you want to do is take Get out of the game, so that was a tough but you know, the thing that AH, gave in the staff are having a layer on is we had a short spring training. We've got quite a few pictures on the staff who were coming off. Serious injuries and you know that That's just an added complication in reality that we have to deal with right now. A rub some dirt on it. Let's go. Let's get you out. Hello. We've been talking about the shift a little bit and what we mean Some of us don't like it. We get why it's done. And I think numbers probably Suggest there's a reason behind. That's why ever he does it, so we get that. Ah, but the one thing I don't get is the shift. That takes you out of a possible double play with a guy on first base where it's hitting a situation where it's at right at a guy and that guy still can't make a double play because the other guys out of position or he's too far away. From the bag. Help help me understand that where the ship comes into play. Is it just about getting the one out and maybe, but not really having a great expectation? Of getting too out because that one's frustrating inside this. You guys, I see it around baseball. Yeah, all the time. I'm like, Double play ball, man. They barely got one out. So I'm just I'm just curious who The rationale was the thinking behind that? Yeah, I think that's the one area of defensive positioning and shifting in the infield. I'm not sure the industry has a great grasp on because to your point. It's really easy to say. Where did this guy hit the ball? And I think there's a little bit of a misconception about that. Where it's all just about the hitter. Spray charts. I mean, People and not just us, but teams around baseball gun pretty sophisticated at, you know, combining the hitter Spray Char and the pictures Spray chart. So it's not just that I know this is This is where a hitter you know it's a ball against a right handed pitcher and look and nothing is 100% so you could have a left handed hitter who's pretty pull heavy against a right handed pitcher, and he accused went off and it will feel everybody's wondering. Whiner. He played it that way. But you know, over time. I think we feel good about our defense positioning, but the double play and you know the loss double plays. You know, we've done a lot of work on it. We still think it makes sense to try to get the out. But look, it's doubly painful. You know, I have no pun intended there. But when you lose to, you know, sometimes you want out. Sometimes you don't get any You know when a ball was was a tailor made double play, so I know the psychological cost of that is big and it's probably not something overlook. Um, but again, it is about playing the percentages, which over 162 game season, You know, we're going to play out over a 60 game season. I guess it's a little noisier. Um, but but the double play stuff. I think some of it is Your own players getting used to the positions on the field where they are because, you know, I think another thing that seems to happen is You know, guys in a position where, In theory, there's still a possibility of turning a double play. But because there is not used to where they are on the field, you are unable to turn and that's not their fault. Just getting comfortable with it. Got it for hands. I'd be joining us here on KNBR, the sports leader. Let's talk about what's good with you guys. This is something you didn't have. The last time you were in l A where you had starters that have gotten some innings and they were starting to feel good about themselves. I mean, all your guys went At least five couple of him when you know a little bit Mohr, you know, five and change but going to course field and your starters not getting eaten up, and therefore your bullpen evident. Do Extra work on top of the work. They're already doing, Cueto, Gausman Web and Anderson. I mean, those four days when Aaron did a pretty admirable job under the circumstances because Iraqi squad can hit They did, and, you know, I think the everybody feels a little bit disappointed with the results. You look back on the Rocky Siri's and feel like you know, either the first game or the last game. You know those games were both kind of there for the taking. You'd like. Taking one of those games and gotten out of there with a split, but unfortunately didn't happen. You know, we again didn't play great defense Had you know some some issues with a pen and wound up losing both those games. But to your point, I think we're starting to create the momentum. You're right. We had all these guys got at least five innings. We've got sharp taking the mound tonight and hopefully you get Ah, you know, ah, kind of 56 plus innings out of him on. But you know that just makes everything flow a lot easier in terms of the past or not having use for five guys and and you know, for us to get on a roll. You're absolutely right. That that's what we need. We need to start getting comfortable on. No. You get in that range where you're getting six innings a night out of them and just lessening the strain on the pen, And it gives you a chance to use your best relievers in those high lover situation Now have it takes 10 too much into deeper parts of the pen. So being that this is a 60 game season and we're already 10 games in. It seems weird to say this 50 games left now. Ah, you said 46. How important is it? It does not get buried in the next six games. You go to Houston for three Dodgers for three. Mean how important is it to just kind of just stay afloat? Stay alive. That's why the last the last game forum, which is the killer, because that would bring you back to 500 okay, we're 500 into the Dodgers. And the Astros, But it seems to me this six game stretches. Really. I mean, I guess they're all critical because it.

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