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The story will come up on the Washington Post website And I'm not. You know, I'm not hawking my wares. You know, the story is out there already, but But I I think that I think that people would find that in many other passages in the story. Very, very moving, Which is really what right on it and very surprising. I mean, very, very surprised. One would know about Out that they need is a tie for Robert Kennedy. He was going to be buried in his dark blue suit and white shirt that John Glenn had actually taken from his room at the hotel that they couldn't find a neckties. So Andy Williams The one he was putting on for a party when Kennedy had been shocked. That was the one they found. Yeah, that you know, That's just another of those little vignettes that you pick up as a reporter. I mean, how how precious is that? You know, just this one lines in the piece, but it's you know, but it's such a human touch. That John Glenn had to find the necktie to put on Robert Kennedy to be buried in and that Andy Williams supplied it, You know, I mean, that's you always feel as I wrote about punishment when Jackie Kennedy boarded from the rear of the plane, but wouldn't get on the plane until they could really guarantee her. This wasn't the jet that took her and her husband back from Dallas. Yeah, that's right. She needed the assurance that though it was therefore Swon, there are three. There are three air force ones. And this was not the one that she had written back from Dallas and the bloodstained dress. Who could blame her for not wanting to get on that plane again? Well, it's an amazing.

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