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A. M. and ninety four one FM fox thirty one pinpoint weather mostly sunny today the high will be in the mid sixties close to seventy degrees tomorrow right now we have fifty six degrees at DIA our top story Safeway and Albertsons are taking additional steps to encourage social distancing while shopping signs inside the stores read please practice social distancing keep to cart links about six feet between you and others while shopping in at checkout the stores are adding markings on the floors a check out to make sure individuals or space six feet apart Jerry bell K. way news radio the president says the United States is not built to be shut down and he is suggesting opening up businesses pretty soon it's been very painful for a country and very destabilizing for our country we have to go back to work much sooner than people thought and people can go back to work and they can also practice good judgment of president speaking there at a fox news town hall health experts are warning that ending shut downs too soon could lead to an explosion of new virus cases Larry Kudlow the director of US national economic council and he says the administration will evaluate the containment strategy in the near future we have to do this with that with the ascendant and help of the health specialist and a question about that there's no war going on it's just a matter of where it's possible to open places that are not hot zones for example in order to try to expand the business rates and reduce the shot and that's taking over the economy the state that is now considered the worst state for coronaviruses New York and the governor there says there's really no choice between life and money I stand with the president is saying this is unsustainable that we closed down the economy and we continue to spend money that there is no doubt about that no one is are going to argue about that but if you ask the American people to choose between public health and the economy then it's no contest and there have been more than forty six thousand confirmed cases of the corona virus in the United States at almost six hundred deaths in the nation there are over seven hundred cases of covered nineteen in Colorado they've been nine deaths in the latest in el Paso and the goddess in counties stocks have been rallying on stimulus bill hopes for the Dow industrials right now up one thousand four hundred forty five points the S. and P. five hundred has gained a hundred and forty our next news updates at twelve thirty I'm Susan wicket on KOAA news radio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM all right you're gonna be stuck in your house for the next little while here so why don't you start looking around start noticing those home improvement projects that need to be done you might want to start with your flooring because mac Donald hardwoods has an incredible website where you can do your virtual shopping then when things get back up to normal you can just zip on over and pick up your beautiful pre finished hardwood flooring the mac Donald specializes in the hardwood flooring that you can install without the hassle so much so that you can do it yourself if that's your thing now I am a have them do it for me type person and they can do.

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