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Four four four eighty four eighty four in bill's going to lead off here he's been patiently waiting during the break yes bill welcome aboard. Hey Jim it's bill a craft Hey bill how are you. I'm good I will keep you very long I was I know this is not your agenda specifically but it's something that probably concerns a lot of listeners. I was looking at the internet a little while ago on us all an article out of the United Kingdom. where they are passing walls as we were speaking to eliminate. adults not just prohibit but completely eliminate Cokie hunting being in any kind of trophy hunting being brought back into the United Kingdom anywhere from any other people anywhere in the world. and that is so staggering because of the fact that tell the truth and the. the professional people that ages the the the professionals who are getting these people. the truth is not being told about this and so. when someone goes to. continent made got Africa whatever and I've got the money to engage in that type activity if that's what they choose to do. it. plans to the economy. most of the time of a very poor. there you are very poor region and if it weren't for that the economy in that area would be greatly curtailed and it's just a topic that so kind of a sore spot with a lot of but a lot of hunters and fishermen you know the next thing they'll do just tell you not to melt that trial bring it back in and so let me understand. bill Maher rep you for said so is this a prohibition on the importation of your trophies are they try and outlaw trophy hunting in the United Kingdom. el al wall trophy hunting in the United Kingdom and not allow any of their of their owners to go any place and bring him back in these laws are being proposed. these walls or not just being proposed are being passed as I understand it okay well I'll be surprised if the. enjoy passage because for lack of a better way to describe it. the. people that are involved in management there are huge landowners in very very influential and wealthy people who. for instance manager properties for red stags for red grouse for water for now all kinds of different species of of animals in this very successful in a and in reaching is you mentions type of management so I'm I'm really kind of shocked that's going that way but I will tell you there's so many surprises in what's going on in today's world it's a it's pretty startling outlook yeah I'll send I'll send you a copy of the article okay well I appreciate to report now certainly look into it Hey see if you can bring up some more rain we need it Hey buddy how I'll do anything you're asking them to do. as we sure need. all right bill thank you. folks to your arms Tom Baptiste temperatures in some of the things that I want to. reiterate while we're on the subject it's one thing to be hot another to be draft. but when you're hot and dry in your windy which we have been for weeks on end there and you have an evaporative rate that is very very. dangerous to all types of plants I'm sure most of you have if you're in these serious drought areas that I mentioned earlier. you've seen what the grass the flight heaven forbid somebody throws a lit cigarette out of the. caramba asked sixty four ash sixty five arrested the one because. I travel those quarters here in the last couple days and I I I'm telling you this tinder dry and something they could be a very very hazardous so maintain are I want to relate to you. is the situation that we've got with the trees I mention putting out the food plots a lot of you had food parts that you planted that may or may not have failed due to the lack of rain I'm sitting on a bunch that I planted. they have not sprouted if we get some cooler weather and some some rain maybe they will come to fruition but the truth of the matter is we're start run out of growing town now specially when you're talking about. yes because and some of those other planets that have to have a really good growth spurt to make it to a palatability level that's got a sustenance for the wildlife in this very very true and and a lot of these plots however if you have stuff like winter wheat the annual rack that I mentioned of. some of the other planets they can make it but what I will tell you about a annual ryegrass despite what people think it is high in protein this twenty percent plus protein it grows extremely well in cool temperatures and as long as you got soul temperatures in the fifties it'll continue to grow so it's something that I would. recommend to you highly as a supplemental food if you've got to build it to grow its soul those are some of the things that I want to pass along to you. we're going to talk a bit tonight about a bunch more the subjects I do want to hear from you folks about E. H. D. I have not seen an update in the E. H. D. map. at the department of fish wildlife the last one I could find was September nineteenth obviously were well beyond that and I'm continuing to get reports one gentleman from. what more can you call me and they have they have found twenty six the deer on their property alone so. is continuing unabated because.

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