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Oh he's really good uh i'm sorry with nutjob arth garrett era hartnett hedlund helen hitmen josh hartnett garrett hedlund the you got jason clark you know he's a i think he's australia either i think it's oster and then you've got jonathan banks and you know jonathan banks of course from better call saw an yes yes us breaking bad he's uh you know what's his name that what's that guy's him he's armed gus's gus's ryan yeah uh and then black side just mitchell as we said mary j blige as we said and then the father who is also really great uh rob morgan he was it oh he's in stranger things actually he's a he's it happens change the black car who's always with john ray yeah i love first up he'll be they as we have in a male a yo you wanna talk in the abruzzo all right and now and then actually didn't look at the box office but doesn't really matter because he was only netflixing here i mean it's in theaters but you know to netflixing movie all right so 96 okay here we go um did you go very i do initial thoughts days which are in this whole the other thing is wait before it's our the other thing is is movies based on a book very popular book by person written note of course now um um whitworth white woman right bird the book okay i'm almost positive uh it but i'm always pot hillary as yet it was a white woman at wrote the book yet okay all right and i should not go first okay i'll go i'll be measured aca he began so i saw this film uh with my fiance uh we actually went to a screening of it with the talkback it was it was a sacked screening um and you know you had to talk back with were yet to talk about what the director d reese uh the composer which do i might that methodi but the composer was there a black woman uh again black woman composer yet lit legitimate like first women do not get to compose films that on an uber you probably know most of them got john williams hans them are like all these why men so that was great you know and then uh now carry million wasn't there jason clark was it there but garrett hedlund was there um.

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