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Gets young. Oh my gosh. I love that story. I appreciate you sharing that. I mean in the restaurant. Business if you're open for one day. It's an accomplishment if you're open for any more than one day but we all have stories like that and it. It's crazy how much i mean. I always talk about it. You have to run a marathon just to get a restaurant open and then you realize you've run the marathon and it hasn't even started the race hasn't even started actually have to run the business. Now you actually have to get people to come in and pay for all the lights in the electricity on the payroll and everything else that you're trying to accomplish. At which point did you make this shift. Because did you built like the original barbecue pit. That was in your restaurant. That was how that was the birth of old hickory pits. it was So back and there was no modern technology at all and you only had two choices you use barrel or a fit and so i thought well this be stupid if a maryland said beautiful historic building made out of red. So i've made it a the outbreaks in that found some antique Gets the patina of the brexit. Were on the building and made it looked like it was supposed to be there Wide and five eighty and three stories. Tall as billy had three floors on it so he had to go up through the floors with big slough and that took control the temperature inside. That player was a damper. You open it up. It would increase the airflow in in the heat so in decor than new clothes and that would Moderate temperature which worked fine as long as the Remember to do that. That's unfortunately ask. So they the actual true beginning of electric. It's the idea of billy. Bits came about the third time. The firetrucks game on fire trucks came brian down down. Cape girardeau right on the mississippi river and we're belch out all these parts planes and at over the risks of all the other big so start a fire. There was just so much smoke as i read. It certainly changed my hair color cutler. Made you rethink the restaurant business. That's hilarious so did you call the fire department or does someone call the fire department on the phone okay. That's going to be a better idea of the story. Steer panic so then so through. The panic comes inspiration inspiration. I mean. I love how entrepreneur. I think it's you know you never know where the inspiration has to think that you know forty seven years later you have barbecue pits. In all the greatest restaurants all the amount of the footprint that old hickory has on the barbecue world. The restaurant world the culinary world. It's so impressive. So impressive to go to cape girardeau to where you guys. You have so much love for what you're doing for the craft of barbecue and it's something that gene when we first met jean and he told us you know if you wanna learn how to barbecue the right way. We'll teach you and you can add some barbecue menu items to your to your restaurant. I said sure and once we started doing it and started using the old hickory pit to slow cooked ribs and slow cooked brisket. All of a sudden we fell in love with the craft of barbecue. But we fell in love with your brand. We fell in love with the dependability of having something done where every single day we could work on being a little bit better a little bit better making brisk a little bit better at making ribs and over time that story will will go throughout not just our village but all throughout san diego and then now that we're doing media goes all throughout the word world for you looking back seeing from those fire calls to go. Well maybe this isn't the restaurant business. Maybe there's a different business. How do you get from fire call to. Let's make a pivot and let's start to come up with what ultimately became hickory pits. Thank the real impetus was the necessity of perpetuating business on spent a lotta time all the money adnan so the open so it's not like just okay. I guess i've had enough of this move onto something else. It's like jay and so there was a struggle for a long long time to make make the transition into any kind of a reliable. How many years in was it was years. Wave modify here and there and so on delete forty seven years later we still modifying our equipment to tweak it. Prove it all that how did you. What what year did you make the switch where you are a barbecue restaurant to were all hickory. Pits like would no longer a restaurant. I'm gonna take that was about seven years seven years in somebody takeover the restaurant or did you close the restaurant until later i i held onto the restaurant for about Fifteen years okay. And that and if both the restaurant and manufacturing pits and that got to be a twenty four seven hour proposition so i gotta go and And point what is back with the restaurant. Sports develop Casual atmosphere and it's the our review so the situation would have been. I wanna do a chain of barbecue. Licensed or do. I wanted to do the yoga equipment. Yeah my choice was the equipment route for multiple rees because it wasn't an easy decision to the restaurant. Business fun business. And it's a you know you have haven't made a decide year twenty seven years old in a bar. I know i know all about it. So that's kinda can also be a betterment to progress to the against one of the most compelling danes was Friday afternoons because On friday afternoon in the restaurant business. Well everybody i knew was getting dressed up. I was stressed out. That's good. I've never heard that before is absolute truth of the restaurant. Business right there absolutely and and and that's a commitment. That restaurant estimate yes guest richer. We work whenever.

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