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This is the Larry o'connor share everything by the book says Susan rice by the book and a Berkeley was done some great reporting on this Sean Davis is done some reporting David Harsanyi all the regular guests here that you hear on this program about this topic saying this memo is incredibly damning and yes that leads right back to Barack Obama and that conspiracy the conspiracy Comey clapper Brennan rice Bhama Biden Yates it's not a theory it's a conspiracy now whether they're all gonna end up in jail whether this is criminal as much as just extraordinarily bye bye improper and historically unpatriotic is for prosecutors to determine I suppose but I can tell you this I will hear no more lip service from the Obamas are from the Democrats about the grand pageantry of the peaceful transition of power from one administration to the next because this administration in that conspiracy try to stop tried to hamper tried to undermine launched an investigation of and even tried to undo the incoming administration was it by the book triple eight six thirty W. M. A. L. Jerry in Woodbridge go ahead you're you're first up on WMAL well it absolutely was by the book and what you know what book just a moment but first I want to thank you very much one of those yeah your one eighty commercials that my doctor the other day and he said the the home I keep having these intimate dinner for four I got a bite three more people so I think you're telling me I'm a little bit overweight so maybe I need to give them a call okay don't give me the Larry o'connor special budget by day but that's I've never heard of that way that's great all right so what did they buy the book what book you're talking about then no one written by that guy and probably yeah yeah yeah that's what it was called well I did I was either that or the rules for rules for radicals by solid ski but yes okay VAT book perhaps but you're not there good luck with the weight loss all right that's here he would bridge how about Philip in Arlington go ahead Philip you're next up on WMAL where where it's the most simple thing of all they did not transfer power peacefully the moment president trump took the oath of office he's supposed to be in charge Obama wrote a memo that said the night this is about Russia that is I mean that's the most basic thing of all all those people to transfer over a net they can resistors we've never had this in our history of our country before you're right you're right J. and it's basically trying to set up a shadow administration James call me president trump said call me tell me about this investigation what's going on tell me all about him he didn't even tell him what was happening he didn't tell me about the investigation they withheld things from them and by the way and and and friendly infielder so many people who hear this fill up and they say oh well they legitimately thought that there was a Russian intrusion then why didn't they tell trump throughout the entire thing even during the campaign Hey we think this Carter page about guy maybe working with Putin if that was really a concern why didn't they tell trump exactly and that's the whole to hop thing they had so many people implicated and run at them they had to to hospital and basically the surveillance everybody's communications all over the place yeah thank you fellas I appreciate it Dan in Woodbridge go ahead Dan you're next up on WMAL.

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