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To be comfortable from being in a hospital to a home setting hospice care from truss bridge can have you home for the holidays for more information on how hospice can help go to trust bridge dot com the sounds of the season by Charlie and the chocolate factory at the ocean center on sunny one is seven nine five listening one candy cane but it's not only that should Barney top of the world genesis just this in the and right if the and they well known you you to is Jen and bill for the morning show from our families to yours wishing you the very best holiday season now and I hope Santa Claus brings you everything that you asked for and then some and if not go by the day after the charges to Jim's account here's the number windows seven nine only to Christmas soundtrack the baby good the I need to the for the baby in please please not they Q. mine your baby I leave me Nina the it's the there is no and when you and then one the way when you so and in the Christmas music you grew up with I want for Christmas is the asking around the Christmas tree is just a classic memories with Sonny one oh seven nine the Christmas music station and and and then and we the one so we won the gold Latin in the one the keeping up to be the best Christmas ever it's those bills are piling up coming in January sunny one oh seven nine is paying your holiday bills sign up now doing cash.

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