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And and it was a perfect it was almost a perfect metaphor for when i do things right there's no plan and when i and you do it because you want to do it and what's your first concert well well the first one i got paid for was a that's the point that's where i was headed is i i didn't tend to do it and now that we're on fourteen years later i played the grand old opry three times play the kremlin you know played south america we've really and we play our music our own our own compositions what was the first concert you went to as a fan i the first one i went to was the beach boys chicago at anaheim stadium and you knew the songs and it was just one of those perfect perfect days but that was the first one i went to but do you worked at disney land in you know i didn't my first wife was snow white oh i thought you worked on like a cruise now i've seen that i've seen that story but that wasn't wasn't me i tell you what i did though when i was about five years old my we were living in compton and we didn't have a lot of money and we got one guy said that's disneyland wasn't doing so good it was just started they how they're gonna fill it some guy came to my dad and said hey bill you want take your voice to disneyland and and my dad was you know mcdonald douglas was having a big night and he goes yeah yeah he didn't work for them and we went there and as soon as we got there my brother took off with my dad and my mom went with me and i went right to where i wanted to go which was.

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