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Right so totally confusing because the nba has a lot of rules about this stuff and mainly the issue for the celtics is that unlike the lakers who have looled deng's massive bad money contract that they can use for salary matching purposes the celtics have made only good moves of late so they don't have anyone that they wanted dump that's making too much money that being said this will be interesting if people start to discuss this and feel good about the idea of a team that won and did as much as the celtics did last year without its two stars going out and getting to kevin durant's in kuwait leonard and lebron james right how are people going to react to this particular move because the lakers at least you could say all right the lakers eight it for a couple years they grew up with some young talent and now they can go after a big name to the celtics need it or you pulling a kevin durant if you're these two superstars by adding to a team that presumably is already going to be in the money in the east with wants those two guys get healthy let's also remember the other thing the celtics have that could matter to this person this conversation the celtics have a ton of upcoming draft equity not just this year obviously this year they have what the twenty seventh overall pick but you start to look next year in two thousand nineteen they have the seventy sixers top pick or sacramento's topic they have the grizzlies pick of it's outside the top eight they have the clippers pick if it's outside the top fourteen and they have their own pick day of as many as four picks in the first round next year and it doesn't end after that three the year after that to the year after that if the spurs believed that they are in some level of rebuilding mode the one thing that the celtics could offer them right now that that most teams can't is a ton of equity in the draft and that will help them decide who they want to be and a ton of young talent that i think is more proven than what the lakers have which could be great but we don't for sure no yet isn't super proven on a team that's actually good.

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