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In the left wing corner record along the left wing boards. Toe the line circuit, Chad Now Tagore left circle He shoots knocked out with a blocker safe from Sue van. And then Sara Lee from the left wing corner. Bats it back to the left point circuit Judge was late. Getting there in the park will slide down ice deep into the whitening and you gotta think that Steven Stamkos, his presence is being missed inside. The Tampa Bay locker room make certainly love to have him on the power plays that 10 power play goals on the season. The lead the Lightning Convention, Nikita, Future Future off, Yeah. M v P From a couple of years ago, he's on scheduled to return in the post season. It's gonna be like Tampa Bay, picking up a major player in the trade death. Well, you get the stamp Coast and COO truck back into the lineup. Those of their two most talented players look out there deep. They're talented. They got the goaltending, see if they can repeat never easy man into the hospital with seven seconds on the power play, spends it behind the net around the plot along the right boards. Back across seven in the far corner coughed up the puck. Kallick will drive it around the boards and out of the box curse chef with a two on one break up with lightning line on the left wing. Kind of flipping in front for Conley. This is bad in a way by Palat. Now, Hannah strolls up Lightning blue line to the park spends it back into the hot zone in Kenya's Adora, who leaves the puck for Patrick Kane, and he'll move into separate the current chefs get past the breaking over the lightning line. Left wing Kirsch of West Point Corner. Put it up. The board keep poke checks in front the cane backhand. Let's say made by Vasyl Lasky, and he'll hold on to the park. You know, four left in the 3rd 63. Tampa Bay. Good chance for Patrick Kane. Right there. Yeah. Blackhawks. Good gun in on the four. Check. Nice job by Kirsch Open The cat Alex to break it to force this fuck up along the boards and Johnson tries a little touch pass over to Matthew Joseph Duncan. Keep tips it over to Patrick Kane to that he was on his back end. But Cane's got as good a backhand. Is anybody in the NHL vassal ask you makes a great safe man reflects the puck around to the near corner Hawk's own Connor Murphy back on the ice after Serving his penalty time now to bring it catches on high stick from Matthew Joseph. And the whistle blows. They're going to inspect Alex Rick. It's a It's a quick call their four minutes. Well, you got 49.

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