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Dorie Greenspan wants mitt chip ice cream lobster and then and ice cream sundae with hot fudge and toasted nuts for her last meal, but for years and years and years, she ate a much more modest meal every single day for lunch rice with sunflower seeds, and raisins, so interesting doesn't come from. I don't know where it came from. I used to wake up in the morning and make a pot of rice. And I would have the rice hot for breakfast. And then for lunch. I would have it at room temperature with little olive oil over at salt pepper nuts, and raisins, and then whatever was left over. I would you know put away we he'd or fry. I just hit this thing for race years. It lasted years. Are you a creature of habit in general just with the rice guess things that I do all the time? But in Fant I am somebody who just follows her wims on one of the things I do. The kitchen all the time is not do what I say I'm gonna do. So I can plan a menu, and my husband will come into the kitchen and say, oh, I thought you were making chicken, I think I had another idea or, you know, I'm the kind who goes to the market with a list and comes home with nothing from the. So I'm not really a creature of habit. But lunch. Yeah. Yeah. With launch makes it easier. I mean, you're probably coming up with recipes all the time. And so it's like one less thing. You have to think about is your lunch. I also liked it. Was just good. I am fascinated with people who can eat the same thing every day because I am. So not like that. I've tried to be one of those meal planning people that you read about in women's magazines where you're supposed to make a big pot of something on Sunday night and eat it throughout the week and by Wednesday. I hate this dish, I can't eat it anymore. I literally don't eat it ever again. Sometimes because I'm so sick of it. But Donald Gorski takes the cake in the creature of habit department, even though he never eats cake because the only it's big Macs. Let's start at the beginning. When did you have your first Big Mac? I Big Mac on me seventeenth nineteen seventy two. And it was the day. I got my first car. And when I got my first car I wanted to go with McDonald's. And then I went to McDonald's, and I bought three big Macs. And I my three big Macs. The cartons in the backseat. I ended up coming coming back. A couple more times that day for three times eight nine big Macs on may seventeenth nineteen seventy two. And then I started in big Macs. Every. Ever since in. What prompted that? Why did you start eating them everyday? And why were you eating so many like so many I probably 'cause compared to like eating chocolate for the first time or something you can't get enough of it at first. And then after a while you just can't eat as much chocolate as you want anymore. I quite a few big Macs for about a month. And then I started coming down into a phase where it was like three a day or down to a day. But it wasn't never doing nine. Again. What gummy started on? It is just that Big Mac or my favorite food, and there's nothing better in the world. And so I just wanted to leave my favorite food every day. So what's your first ever big neck on may seventeenth or had you had them before? No. That was my first one ever was may seventeenth nineteen seventy two in. So were you still living with your family when when you got your car in nineteen seventy-two? Yes, I was my mom later on made me promise each one a day for a while. They're in a little bit worried. Just eat those all the time. So there's..

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