Hitler, Meghan Mccain, Okey Doke discussed on Herman Cain


More headlines for Friday number six I don't have an answer I'm just saying goodbye if I thought that the seas were shorter right all of it I you've been exile Okey Doke okay all right so what do you got for me. rule or better roared as he still running. is the running is a guy who wears the button down shirts and sweats a lot and to speculates a lot money talks and he was supposed to be the future of the Democrat party and he can't get above five percent he is mad at Meghan McCain because he said he says he's almost giving people permission to be violent he's the guy is poor but he's a pull up this mandatory gun by but I've got my life back yeah right we should be saying that people are gonna be mad it was she said is you will people will get violent yeah if you tell them you that they have to give up their guns even if you're paying for them which somehow bagel Rothley lower pay and it's fine and but this is another example is this this is I pointed out enough on the right and so here it is I should have to take make sure that I'm fair and balanced here because you think about it because I don't need to be his I'm telling you the same virus has been contracted by the left and the right when it comes to somehow not remembering help political debate is actually properly done and it's affected reporters and so each side in our own way rather than debating quite often points to the person says shut up that person should be stopped from speaking. whether it's the will and grace people or whenever you know fox news however there what celebrity they're mad at so it says here so he's basically a mandatory buyback program and it's making McCain just points out so this is part of the discussion. a discussion has more than one point of view if it doesn't it's called a monologue it's not a discussion so in order to have a discussion you have to have different points of view she points out well I think that's dangerous you go tell people that they have to give up their guns I think that's dangerous so rather than saying okay I presented idea she presented an idea keep listening people the next step is supposed to be you using tennis right Perry that idea so he he had ideas she threw out an idea now he's supposed to go yeah but dot dot dot not in twenty nineteen we don't do that we're so used to click bait we now thinking click bait and wheat speaking click bait and knowing clicks so there's no body there's no content beyond the headlines so he just goes to the next step that we get quite often to the left and the right of that person should shut up why no good answer. they're dangerous I can't debate my point of view. so when you come up with something that is actually relevant anyhoo here amongst us doesn't believe it's true. that baby all Rourke become president Intel every gun owner there's a buy back and that's just going to go just to we'll do it over a weekend kind of like an ice cream social in the cul de sac like who believes that's true but rather than just being able to discuss that. he says I just think that kind of language and rhetoric is not helpful it becomes self fulfilling yes people on TV or almost giving you permission to be violent and saying you know that this is going to happen also the thought being I'm on the left I'm smarter than anybody who disagrees with me and you know their wild animals they're not thinkers so if TV people suggest things to him they're not thinkers are wild animals soft Meghan McCain what owl wildly violent human being was always with the rhetoric Amer. I never heard her say anything like this before he's a lawyer she points out something like this and you know the idea is well you know the people who listen to Meghan McCain are so stupid they don't have the ability to actually think for themselves so it's it's like a green light you given to be they want to be violent the only reason they're not being mine and now is Meghan McCain is not given the green light. the thinking here yes is on the opposite end of the deaths from will be killed yeah I love you exactly and and and that's what she said the stuff on the view so it's it's it's just one more example and I brought this up before when I was younger when I was in my late teens early twenties had a great life I live in the same house I was in a comedy group three of us and we would travel and we lived in the same house it was just a great life for the late teens early twenties we little a top floor of a really cool old house across from using them it was every comedian came in town they gathered there was it was a wonderful place and I was very much on the left at that time and so were the other people in the group in most of the artists who came through who used it as kind of a flophouse in the world what a political discussions and almost everybody not everybody some people are conservative but almost everybody at the time was on the left and we were arrogant I mean I remember saying to somebody in my family there asked me homophobe for us and smart some of it for the Democrats ever again I said that I yeah yeah come to empathize we were all there again you know what I don't ever and and and we would make fun of people who disagree with us but never ever ever wants to I remember anybody in that house ever pointing to someone who disagree with us on TV or in real life and said that person should be shut down what that person saying should not be heard not see they're dangerous you know the Hitler stuff it started yeah you know people started throwing around Hitler by the end so that's the difference now I was there on the left and and and I remember those times I don't remember us talking about how people shouldn't say things or that it was too dangerous or that if we debated idea we were normalizing it and we're a part of the problem and I realize now it's a cover because they can't debate and I don't. if you're on the left or you're on the right it is self defense to tell someone else that they should shut up you're revealing that you don't think you can keep up with the debate it's too much for you so why not just. make sure that the referee tells the other team they can't take the field and you win by default that's really what's going on here but Rourke if you're going to put on an idea like a mandatory gun buy back program he's running for president his his ears damn well better be wide open to a discussion that's going to happen after that and it's not just happening with him on the left is a it's it's everywhere now you know people better damn well figure out it is only in this goes into reporting as well these stupid debates where raise your hand if you believe. debate class does that come up if you told me I was tuning in to a debate and I tuned in to you interviewing ten candidates that's not a debate. debates like the most proper debates happen at Harvard is that ever happened at Harvard during the breaks everybody just raise your hands if you agree with something it's all it we we we really really really everybody needs to step back and reassess do we want to solve problems. do we want to make an attempt to solve problems first of all humility know for a fact that you can't solve every problem it's okay to say let's try white why have societies it will get together and try to make things better. but if you have any interest in solving a problem problem you can't have a meltdown when somebody disagrees with you is to put your hands over your your ears and start jumping up and down and going. it is basically what's happening here compromise right yeah that'll Rourke you made a you made a statement that this is something that you want now stand up and defend it you can't defend it if you tell the other person they can't say what they want we have so much of this from the left now I mean I was still a day if if the left is always upset about triggering words right this white we can't have the debate because if you say something yeah he all these people get in trouble because they say something always got a word in the triggers people rather than have the debate well they're always calling people Hitler bush was Hitler troubles Hitler do they ever think that a Holocaust survivor might be triggered by hearing the word Hitler no doesn't apply. I would imagine if you're a Holocaust survivor or the or the family member of a Holocaust survivor at this point the word Hitler probably spend sends a chill run up your spine but the left to tell us all these things that we can't talk about our debate because these words trigger people happily refer to everyone is Hitler as if that word would never trigger.

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