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Deal worth almost $8.5 billion Americans listening to Fox News. Staying connected continues with 161 FM talk coronavirus cases continue to drop off in the state. Mitch Evans has the latest numbers for the second straight day, New single day cases of covert 19 were below 600. Not only that, but the 525 new infections, HHS reported marked the lowest total on that metric since last August, 17th when there were 431 The agency also said there were 699 people hospitalized with covert related illnesses, which is the first day that metric was up After five straight days of declines. I Mitch Evans, Republicans in the North Carolina Senate introduced an amended tax package Tuesday that calls for lower state income taxes for individuals and more generous standard deductions. Under the new proposal, the individual tax rate would go from 5.25% to 4.99%. The bill would also phase out state corporate income taxes by 2028. Winston Salem Police are looking for suspects in a drive by shooting someone in a white minivan opened fire Tuesday afternoon along East 15th Street. A man was hit in the arm is expected to be okay. Funding for the Asheville Police Department will stay the same in the city's proposed budget, city officials said this week. They're hoping the department can use some money saved from some of their 70 vacancies to fulfill needs in other areas, like making salary adjustments in overtime training. Carolina Hurricanes in Nashville. Predators took Game five to overtime last night, the third time in a row, The series required an extra period in the end, Captain Jordan Stall had the winning shot here's coach Rod Brenda Mar. I thought this game was for two Perrys was really good, like we were doing everything we had to do, and everything was going against us. You know, that's what it felt like the guy. These guys stuck with it, and you know, we're still you know, we're good. We're still around, and that's that's that's great. Game Five is back in Nashville tomorrow night. I'm Kyle Wilson. Push it up near the low nineties this afternoon. I think 93 with a mix of clouds and sunshine overnight tonight, 68. Everything fried a few clouds around with sunshine Low nineties big cool down for the weekend, Maybe only in the seventies. I mean, you're all just raced, eject from the weather Channel on what a 61 FM talk Next news and 30 minutes. Follow us on social media go to one of 61 FM talk dot com to connect No place like a cowboy place in the town like a couple of time angle away like the cowboy way. Have a caballo candidate here when you're all that whole crowd boys contained that cowboy ground. No way like the cowboy way. Have a cab Canady. Like to have a big time. Try the new Big Sky Burger at Roy Rogers restaurants. It's a quarter pound burger with Smithfield pulled pork beer battered onion rings American cheese in spicy barbecue sauce on a corn dusted Kaiser bun in no way like the cowboy way. Amazon like a tablet song, have a cowboy kind of day and then away all going wrong. Have yourself a big time. Try the big scape Burger at Roy Rogers restaurants..

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