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The talent that you have been whoa an and what you do with it and you kind of built on that you know it's like nick duncan of course time starter quarterback you know he rushed for two touchdowns through four hundred fifty three yards have touched out you know oh he had a really good performance or that we think we can build dog saved boy we can do more with this guy and and thought like that that you kinda learn about your e f latest a you know maybe you can feed them a little bit more in the next game when you looked at the tape what did you liked the most and what is the thing that when you get on the practice field year gotta get corrected this week oh big thing we've got a correct the penalty now we have penalties over a hundred yards kept drives on i think especially on defense we had a couple of personal foul uh that you know cup of drive going there was uh early in the the first quarter you know we had their backs the law only barbara's was the immense forest will of course taxed in this game he lead nation alan uh but he had a big back and had their backs to the wall we almost have him back in the end zone force them to throw back but during that we have a personal foul because we were we blocked that order back and and so were instead of having the ball on the five yard by uh with the return we ended up uh given the ball rightback to them give them a firstdown which kept her drive going and they've bentley scored a bill gold on that and that happened a couple of times or where we have some defense the that kept drive go and he kept defense on appeal wait too long brown had football coach us does here on the grass show on wpro don't forget tomorrow night you can go to edition two of the fill us this coaches show at hope street pizza uh getting ready for the harvard game but before we get to that coach i want to ask you was like for you your cornerback james ferry was the culture bryant you have the chap before the game and then the game starts the kind of unfairly and.

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