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And save money on New Toyotas, Hyundais and Subaru's. Does it fit small dot com Transparency you can trust Jack Taylor. W T o p Traffic And now the Storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rick. It's not quite as beautiful as yesterday. Yesterday. Those temperatures right around 50 degrees. What? We've got a storm system today passing to the South. Now, most of us staying dry. There could be a Sprinkle or two south of D. C just a little more cloudy today. Temperatures mid forties for daytime highs today, Sunshine returns tomorrow temperatures back in the mid to upper forties and then right around 50 on Wednesday and Thursday with some sunshine Friday well, Keep the clowns around. Maybe ALS shower to temperatures in the low fifties before we dry out for the week, and I'm strong team for meteorologists warn records. We have plenty of clouds this morning. It's keeping it a 32 in college Park 27 all day this morning outside of our studios, it's now 30 degrees at 6 10. Fairfax is one of the health district's that Virginia says will begin. Phase one Be coronavirus vaccinations Today. Virginia's face one be strategy calls for police fire has met corrections and war. Workers at homeless shelters, plus others, including teachers and people. 75 older to receive the cove in 19 vaccine, Fairfax County's Health department says 40,000 teachers and other public school staffers could get shots is early is Saturday. The 16th Alexandria, Arlington, Loudon and Prince William are some of the other state health district's moving into phase one B. More details that w t o p calm in our app, Matt Small w. T O P News Historic Ellicott City and George to deadly floods The first one in 2016 and then again in 2018, and then as it worked to recover the pandemic, hit, join my colleagues and asking you, Governor Hogan. Please release reserve in rainy day funds. Howard County Council member Liz Walsh.

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