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Minutes after the two o'clock the some ninety two degrees in Santa Fe and excellent air quality we're in the green the numbers twelve which is fabulous right over the weekend the governor's office and apartment health Saturday and Sunday issued the October nineteen new cases on Saturday there was a hundred and seventy two additional cases that's a lot we're not going down the rate is going down hospitalization is going down hundred seventy need a hundred seventy two new cases on Saturday fifty five of those we're in the New Mexico corrections department facility down in Otero county to at least one hundred and seventeen for the rest of the state actually one hundred and eight because nine we're also in the facility under county project some one hundred and eight cases there were thirty McKinley county there were eight in San Juan county fifteen burly okay five in Santa Fe county which is kind of up for Santa Fe county that was Saturday Sunday there were a hundred and thirty six new cases take out forty one for the president that leaves ninety five four new cases in in Santa Fe county so five on Saturday four and Sunday and we had many days where it was zero or one so were planned telephone in New Mexico over the weekend if you look at the national map New Mexico was in green showing down but today in Mexico is in yellow are kind of ochre which means steady we are plateaus we do have fortunately some I see you beds available but you know the reason I bring this up well actually somebody told me yesterday there we need to talk less about cove in nineteen that's a really name one thing in New Mexico one thing in your life that is not impacted by cove in nineteen I'm sure there are some small things but the big things in your life everything is impacted by governing team your job you travel your family your conversation your concerns day in and day out your retirement portfolio if you own stocks to your bank account everything is impacted by Kobe nineteen why should we talk about it last did you watch the trump rally in Tulsa was not a good look for the town of Tulsa was not a good look for the trump campaign he's just a big Ole whiny baby in and I'm in a diaper today paralegal probably going to fire his campaign director today that's the word anyway probably gonna fires campaign director even though you know it's it's not even really worth mentioning buddies spokesperson needs me personally more Kaylee Macan any as like when they got back obviously trump coming off marine one was like downtrodden headed down body language was I'm I'm pissed I'm bombed toll so was a wash the arena was being really kinda empty but you look at the rally beforehand he look at the arena and you look at the people in the stands on the floor nobody no mass nobody in the mask you know people in Tulsa just like pretend you don't for like a couple months because in a couple weeks of the number of people either in Tulsa around Oklahoma people traveled Tulsa is going to spike no way around I will come back after a quick time out here twenty nine minutes after two o'clock on Monday afternoon we'll talk about jobs unemployment things with Maria Herrera from the department of workforce connections we'll talk to Dr Winnie Johnson from la familia three thirty today about the Kobe nineteen numbers the fact that we are plateaued and some news over the weekend about cover nineteen with doctor Johnson at three thirty we have three o'clock I'm gonna talk about a story that got a little bit of press not a lot last week and it is about aid giant giant corporation in New Mexico it made in because of negligence and greed admitted in court they killed a whole bunch of people no it was not now in Bhopal hours like in two years talk about that at three o'clock thirty minutes after two men.

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