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I I mean if you look at what's happening now. With pandemic in terms of the rising American electorate and particularly women in the last great recession. That was a recession that really disproportionately impacted men and manufacturing sector in the construction sector. What's happening now is just the opposite. This pandemic is disproportionately impacting women. And so you see high unemployment rates higher unemployment rates around women you see an obviously they make less than men and so you couple higher unemployment among women with less of a base in terms of a pay scale and you have a devastation among women in this country an economic devastation among women particularly unmarried women who earn less than their married counterparts. And these are the women that are on the front lines in terms of service workers healthcare workers. You know helping you get your groceries helping you. Pick up your drugs at a pharmacy. So women are on the front line of this pandemic and they are on the front line in terms of economic consequences and so that is a story that needs to be told over and over and over again and if you think about single moms and the majority of children in this country who are brought up by one parent brought up by single moms think of the devastation not only to the women think of the devastation right now for their children and we as a country have got to come together and recognize that and really not lose two and three generations to this pandemic and we really need to step up and make sure we think about how to create an infrastructure of support for women married or unmarried across the country. And that's a big piece of what the Congress and the states need to grapple with and address. Yeah I mean when you think it through. Women are being hit by this pandemic from economically in so many different directions right the fact that we are often in a caretaker positions which are considered essential positions. Right now right like women are. The nurses are her on the front lines. There are also the people who rely more on childcare care so this is going to be. This is going to be a massive hit. Two women economically long term. Like you said is going to reverberate for for generations and also again another group that I know that you focus on our people color. You know you've seen the numbers come out for people of color and how they're being hit by this pandemic. Yeah I mean the history of discrimination. Both the discrimination in terms of access to healthcare in terms of access to affordable housing in good areas the access to good jobs. It's again it's devastating what's happening now to particularly African Americans and their communities and this shines a very bright light an ugly piece of America. And it's something that we want to address and it's something that this pandemic hopefully will allow us to say okay. Now is the time we cannot afford to let this kind of discrimination and this kind of opportunity costs to the country in terms of loss. Wages AND LOSS. Talent happened because of race. I'm curious Leedle if unmarried women this group that you initially started to focus on if you could get them to vote and they had access to the ballot at the same rates that married women had without all of the barriers. What do you think the direction of the country policy wise would look like? I think that if you think about unmarried women and other members of the rising American electorate they have a certain set of values that they hold very dear and they believe in the American dream they believe in people working hard playing by the rules and getting the rewards of working hard and playing by the rules. They believed in opportunity for people all across the spectrum whether people agree with them or not or look like that or not. They agree with opportunity and so and they want this country to be strong. I think you have a different set of elected officials who finally represent the values of the overwhelming majority of this country. I mean sixty four percent of the voting eligible population and yet you have a congress. That doesn't look like the population and doesn't legislate like the population. I mean think about it. Healthcare has been the number one concern for pretty much every single American. In this country. They want access to quality healthcare. And if you think about some of the public policies in some of the attempts to undermine the healthcare system that was set up in the last administration at the devastation of most of the people in this country except for the very wealthy. That's not that's not the kind of public policies. They WANNA advocate for. They WANNA healthcare system that takes care of all Americans not just a few Americans so far. The people were listening right now. And they're really concerned about the outcome of the Tony Tony election and you know being able to vote in November. We know can they do right now to ensure that they do have access if they're not registered that need to register right now hang you know whatever you're doing you're not registered that align? Go Register the second thing is there are many many states as you know three or four states and the district have no excuse vote by mail and there are many states right now where you can ask the state to send you an. A- ballot in November. So go ahead apply to get a ballot if you live in Florida if you live in North Carolina if you live anywhere in a state that that's allowed right now. There many many states where that is than go ahead and ask you. Apply to vote by mail in the fall. The most important thing is to access information so you now as an individual all the ways in which you will be able to exercise your right to vote but the most important thing to do is to exercise that right to vote and to exercise it in a way that makes you feel healthy and safe in doing so if you look at what is going on now and the leadership in this country the leadership that is willing to sacrifice lives for a political agenda that needs to be a wakeup call to every single American to say this cannot be me. We cannot abide a fault narrative and of false choice between a strong economy and disposable people. That's a false narrative and if you believe that's a false narrative than you should go bugged while all page Gardner. Thank you so much for joining me and thank you for all of the work that you've done. I wish you well and thank you again. All right thank you. Bye-bye thank you for listening. The electorate is independently created and produced by me. Jen Taylor skinner. 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