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And this is reliable sources our Wigan look at the story behind the story of how the media really works. How the news gets made. Now all of us can help make it better this hour, the Trump show in prime time. So it is pro wall speaks at the given wall to wall coverage we're gonna get into that. Plus what's going to happen at CBS news now that Susan's Rynski is taking the helm and overdone BC? Megan Kelly officially out of the peacock network where we'll see land next lots to get to the verse. This thought about the news cycle where the news is not just a rough draft of history. As many often say, it's a woefully incomplete. Rough draft sometimes the most important facts, the single most important details are not filled in until years later, sometimes the secrets are buried so deep in other times with staring us all right in the faces. Just so. So uncomfortable that we try to look the other way all of this is my way of asking what will the final draft say about President Trump? We know what the incomplete rough draft says it says there's something very fishy between Trump and bottom of Putin people been asking for months for years. What does Putin have on Trump has trumping compromised, especially after the Helsinki summit, journalists and experts looked at Trump's behavior and said, they saw something strange something sinister now come these back to back New York Times and Washington Post stories the times revealing to the FBI opened a counterintelligence inquiry in may two thousand seventeen to see whether Trump was secretly working for Russia. Maybe they thought maybe he was knowingly working on Russia's behalf or maybe he just unwittingly fallen under Moscow's influence. So that's the times the post twenty two hours later reported. The Trump is quote gone to extrordinary length. To conceal the details of his conversations with Putin keeping his own aides in the dark and at one point taking his own interpreters notes Trump when given a chance to flatly deny anything untoward. He skipped the opportunity. Are you now or have you ever worked for Russia? Mr president. I think is the most insulting thing I've ever been asked. I think it's the most insulting article I've ever had written. That is not a no. The Trump went on. Let's listen to more what he said next. And if you read the article you'd see that they found absolutely nothing. But the the headline of that article it's called the failing New York Times for a reason thriving New York Times did not report that they found up. Silly nothing. What the times actually said was quote, no evidence has emerged publicly the Mr. Trump was secretly in contact with or took direction from Russian government officials publicly they may out found nothing. The government officials may have found nothing at all. Or they may have found a lot. But it hasn't been made public. We don't know. This is what I mean when I say that the news is a woefully incomplete draft of history. Journalists are trying their best to get to the bottom of this journalists and commentators try to fill in the holes with speculation and conjecture and all types of theories, but we do not have answers to the pressing questions posed by these two huge newspaper stories. Sometimes I think about just how little we know in the moment when we're covering stories like this. I think back to the RNC convention running into Paul Manafort sizing him up quizzing him about Trump. And now now that he's in solitary confinement somewhere in Virginia. I think about all the secrets he was keeping the crimes and the cover-ups. And how there was so so much we didn't know back then we didn't know the actual story that was right underneath. Yes. There were suspicions at the time. But the story was incomplete and the same thing is true with Michael Cohen. He sat right here on this set defending Trump on this program and lots of others. We we texted over the years, but not about what really mattered, but really mattered. We're his secrets and his lies. And of course, now he's about to go off to prison and prosecutors say Cohen acted at Trump's direction. These these stories they are they are the rough draft. But sometimes the most important parts of the story are known for years, and sometimes all we can do in the media is asked the right questions, stay skeptical..

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