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His taxes and other financial records should remain private. In separate cases, lawmakers and the Manhattan district attorney have sought access to the documents. The dispute is testing the balance of power between the White House and Congress. Lighthouse corresponding, Craig Clugston. How many Americans applied for unemployment last week, we'll find out this morning on the government releases its latest employment report. Economists expect you to show that roughly 1.4 million people filed applications last week. United Airlines, putting close to half of its U. S staff on notice they could be furloughed in October. United officials cast it as a worst case scenario and say they still hoped to limit the number of layoffs by offering early retirement. But the warning of possible furloughs went out to some 36,000 airline employees as correspondent Ben Thomas A key figure in the fight against the Corona virus, as he is cautiously optimistic about the prospects for an effective vaccine by year's end or early next year. Dr Anthony Fauci says multiple vaccine trials are advancing, and some of them show promise these trials that will be going into phase three sometime at the end of July. And then others will follow. In August, September and October. The number of confirmed covert 19 cases in the U. S. Continues to grow with the South and the West, especially hard hit Arizona, Florida, Texas among states Seeing a sharp rise in cases, the surgeon cases has some states backtracking on the process of re opening businesses. Checking Wall Street now down features down 39 points as that features 51 points higher..

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