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And also why you're probably gonna have more people coming off saying that they never one vote for a low low, and you kind of need to see that to understand fully why. Yeah. Rob who are really missing tonight is the fact that the personal tax in the house have gotten to the point where like I said, the the room had to step in to the point where we're Lolo in Natalie Marie mainly Lolo are calling Tom chauvinist that he's Kato is a racist. That that Bretton women at Tom's psycho that he's asshole swear words, like really, really, look, here's the thing. I like extra as you know, what I am like the Queen of extra when it comes this podcast. But even I could not stand what was coming from Lolo and Natalie Marie over the past forty eight hours with how they were treating fell houseguests, and that's not to say that Tom and Kato have played. Well, they have played frigging terrible. They played badly. But they do not deserve the personal tax of they're getting from Lolo. And I don't understand why she's doing it all she has to say, look, you know, what we didn't want back Ricky we trust Ricky you guys. Cool, but we really don't wanna work with you anymore. Instead, it just so person so dirty, and it's to a point where actually people on Twitter like, you know, what I don't feel comfortable watching this anymore. And I have to say that I was kinda right there with them. It was it was really oddly. I didn't feel good about myself after I finished. Comparisons to this being similar to some of those scenes in big brother nineteen between Paul and just Cody. Just inter attacks. Okay. Here's my big question. And so, you know, this has been widely reported everybody's at each other's throats. Nobody's getting along. Mary. How do we end up with a unanimous decision to send Joey out of the house? And does that tension? Splash some cold water on everything. Yeah. It's tricky because I'm looking through my notes trying to figure out exactly when that happened. The they there were a lot of hints toward tamer and Dina in particular siding with Tom in Kato that there's something in Tom Cato all day yesterday have been trying to get to them on their side. So that they could keep candy in the house because they feel that Joey was probably going to be who low low in Natalie Marie wanted to keep. So by getting that sort of faction out of the way, they my guess is that the maybe tame are told the girls like, hey, look, the vote is either gonna be a tie in which Tom breaks the tie in. In favor of candy staying. So you can either hop on board. And that would be the only reason why I could say that it really is going to be unanimous. Oh, though that and there was a fight between low low in Joey just another one of these ridiculous main about the food they were buying so that might have contributed to the tipping point. But it it it benefits Tom in Cato's. If you're still on their team. I think it's a good thing. Overall for them that can't remain. I know that it's frustrating for the life feed people because there's so much that that happening house it's hard to show. But I thought this was a pretty good episode of the show. Just in terms of like, if I'm somebody who doesn't know what's happening on the live feeds, and I'm tuning in for this one hour, I think you've got a pretty solid show tonight. Yeah. I would probably agree. I talked to my mom. She's a casualty originally watch big brother for like a season and a half now. And she enjoyed the episode. She had a few questions for me. Like, you know, what the hell happened in? Why do they want?.

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