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MJ news. Now Firefighters are able to quickly put out a blaze early this morning in southeast Fresno. The fire broke out at a home around 4 A.m., near Huntington and Helm Avenue. Firefighters say three people were inside the house at the time, but everyone got out safely. The fire was contained to one bedroom, but there is severe smoke damage throughout the house. The Fire department says people living there had to find someplace else to stay. The cause of the fire is not known at this point. Another adviser to President Trump has tested positive for covert 19. ABC is Karen Travers is in Washington with details. Trump Campaign legal adviser Jenna Alice has told associates she's tested positive for covert 19. His days after she attended a holiday party at the White House and posted on social media a photo of herself they're not wearing a mask. Ellis works closely with the president's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who's in the hospital in Washington with Cove it. The first lady's office last month defended the full slate of indoor holiday parties at the White House, saying masks would be required social distancing encouraged, and the guest list would be smaller Surgeon general said last month, these types of events could become super spreader events. Karen Travers, ABC News Washing 10 or the Wall Street where the Dow is positive more than 100 points right around 30,200 Valley weather right now, 62 Sonny at Radio City today we're hitting a high of 66 tonight, Down to 39 for your Wednesday a high of 68. There is a red flag warning in place for parts of the Sierra Nevada through the current county mountains in that runs through 6 p.m. this evening. With news on the hour on the half and when it breaks I'm Liz. Current news talk 5 81 059 KM J dairies. Now there's an industry that California dominates. In fact, one out of five dairy cows in America lives in California, and the most productive counties in the country are to Larry Fresno King's Kern Madeira and were sent where the average cow produces over £20,000 of milk every year. That's a lot of milk and a lot of feed. So how to dairy Farmers keep all that feed, organized and protected Best concrete blocks the old Fresno company with new ideas..

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