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Further by bringing quick actions and making it more visible. Yeah you get people. This kind of tool apple script in automation in the operating system have been around over twenty five years and it's honed very powerful architecture and people once they have the ability to automate something. They're not gonna want to go back to not having it automated that not the way people work human beings. Once we've automated we move on and we will continue to use the automation until it gets broken and that boy then then we deal with it. Then we look for a solution and that's why it's so sticky for developers developers at offer automation in their apps are ensuring that their customers will have an experience with them and stay with them and be loyal to them until they break it and if they don't break it and they keep expanding it their audience will just grow and remain loyal something else. That was real promising for me. Is you know how that separate podcast the auditors do rosemary orchard and The last in-person. Ww d. c. rosen. I did a autumn meters. Meet up one day. W w dc and it was shocking. The number of people from apple that showed up from that and it wasn't just the shortcuts team it was people just in apple who are automation enthusiasts and. That was really promising for me. Because you know like you said earlier. Apple is not a solitary block of aluminum is a bunch of humans and It's as humans there that are enthusiastic about automation. I think we're we're probably in good shape. Well they also listen they might not want you want you to think that they're listening to you but they pay very close attention to what their customers are doing and what their customers are excited about. They do this. So if you ask for it then it will be there so your job as a consumer of automation is to keep asking for more and more. Yeah that that's my problem. Every time they give me one feature it license for three more are in some of the shortcuts to the problem. You guys have is every time you add something. It adds it multi exponential than i wanted to do this to this episode of mac. Power users is brought to you by make do from relay. Fm make do talks about hobbies. It may be art but it may be something else and you don't wanna monetize those hobbies but if you do the make do podcast is ready to be your cheerleader host. Tiff arm as a glass artist and photographer with a not. So secret. Past and broadway costuming. Also hosting is julia. Scott journalist potter and self proclaimed textile goblin. Mcadoo is fun. I love relationship between these two hosts that really is what makes a podcast for me and jillian. Tiff are great together. Some really great episodes include the myth of the tragic artists. And don't tell me how to hobby adeptly recommend checking those out or start from the beginning and listen to the whole crafty artistic journey. These two have been on. Listen as you hobby. Go to relay dot fm slash. Make do or search for make do every. Get your podcast. And of course they'll be a link in the show notes. Stephen it we were talking. There are some third party apps there that may help you out with services. Yeah a big one. That i've spent some time with this kind of made the rounds recently is one called service station. It's in the mac app store and it has a couple of neat tricks up its sleeve. I'm gonna out to jason snell's Blog post about it. You can really read and depth. But i i think the the easiest one to sort of wrap your head around is basically adds custom open with commands to the top level of the right click menu the contextual menu. Instead of going into right click. Open with then you know. Forty two photo editors show up. You can just say no. Just want photoshop or just went preview pixel mater or whatever But it also has rules that you can build to control wind services show up so again going back to that. Point of need idea Service station sort of builds even on top of that so instead of saying hey these services all our for any audio file you can say i want these services just to show up just when i'm looking at mp three or just when i've selected away file so it gives you a little more granular control over what services show up when and if you have a lot of these things like a lot of his do it can really help you narrow down that lists. You can more quickly fine. Which looking for excellent yet. There is one issue with service station and apparently in big sur. if it's running it hides the fighter finder icons used in cloud services like dropbox or drive. It's a bummer. Some people call that a bug. I call that a feature. I wanted to but it seems like the developers aware of that so hopefully that gets resolved here pretty soon but it's neat to see i mean you know we're talking about technology that's been around since the next days or you know since snow leopard kind of in its current framing but distill c developers working on it and adding features to and looking at how to make it better and different. I just find that really encouraging you know something that like apple script that has it comes from really previous time that you can still use it as a a real first class citizen in terms of automation on the mac is exciting. And that's what. I see when i look at service. Station is that people are still working on this stack. The need for automation is universal. Mean as human beings. We've always looked for ways to automate things throughout our history When you look at farming the advances in automation in farming and fed the world. It's it's a natural thing that that humans wanted to do. We figure out how to do something that we figure out how to automate it and as such. It should be a standard part of the devices that we use the computing devices that we use our phones. Our laptops or ipads. It should be there because it's natural to have that there as well and automations never gonna go away. It's it's a prime need especially in businesses and nowadays the way that people used their phones is very sophisticated. It's and they need the ability to have like shortcuts so that they can automate some of the processes that they do on just their phone. The and and i love the way you can draw a line between you know a couple guys. It apple that came up with this. Lego brick style automation for automated. Which then influences in the workflow team which now has millions of people doing automation that were doing it before It's all because it ties into a human knee. That's why it works and it's just a matter of how you present it so that more and more people can understand it and get familiar with in co- and and be okay with and that's a real contribution. This shortcuts has done. I watched people. You shortcuts for something like change guy. Conrad their underfoot. And it's a simple thing but the fact is is that they feel empowered to open up this app creative workflow back and then they did it themselves. Yeah and about it and the other in the door so they're going to do something else next more complex. Of course it's it's very much like cooking. You know people you can sit there and watch the cooking shows on dvd. And if if you want something you can go down the store and get it already shrink wrap for you but there's a lot of fun in making your own meal right and preparing that yourself and there's a lot of gratification. That comes from being able to do something yourself for yourself. The created a tool. That really solves the problem for yourself. That's gratifying and people are becoming more accepting of that and think. The challenge for apple is is to keep presenting automation tools and keep those robust and present them to the their user base in way that they can absorb them and embrace them. Now sal you spent a lot of time of the years teaching about this subject. I mean i always felt like you did. Two things number one is you. You helped advocate inside apple to get the tools built but you also on the outside todd. A lot of us myself included how to use them..

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