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But if that's the case, why do you then need hormonal intervention is transition or just feel more in alignment with the the sex that you identify as so I guess my biggest gripe from this whole thing is that you know, sex is about being male or female gender. It's how you feel in relation to your sex. But again, as I said for the vast majority of us are biologic logical sex does dictate our gender. So I don't think the three of us are necessarily that you know, things that differently than no, I'm using different terms to describe it, really the difficulty in politically. Incorrect question. If if Dismore, for instance, is we we say that it's bad to be anorexic because you're seeing your body in a way that is not reality. And it's dangerous. It doesn't it's not a healthy outlook. We see the stats of people who have gender dis Dismore via and the suicide rates are really bad having the sex change and everything else is not changing those suicide rates. So why are we taking the the gender Dismore FIA and say, hey, it's totally fine. When it's not it's not the suicide rates are bad. I would agree that that is commodity. I do think many people who are coming out as transgender nowadays. Probably have some other psychiatric condition that isn't being diagnosed because clinicians aren't able to do their job properly. So if someone comes into your clinic and says that they are transgender I don't work with patients anymore. But if someone comes in and says that they're transgender clinician really does have to take that out face value. They're not really allowed to ask questions because that's transphobic. So I think nowadays because it's seen a trendy to be trends that could be part of. And so if someone who has another form of psychopathology, it's manifesting is something that has to do gender, even genders Jewish said. But with regards to lie transitioning should be seen as something beneficial research does show for some people that can't help. I do think if other things have been ruled out that it can be beneficial for somebody. I think ultimately adult. It should be free to do what they want with their body. So do I don't get me wrong. So do I. But I think what I was getting to you've just answered is this trans-phobia, this this just hurting? Everybody into ask no questions is dangerous. It's just dangerous for people, and we should look in the end, you're an adult you do what you wanna do. And I'm fine with that. But just the silencing of thought and in this case science medicine, is is terrifying. Yeah. But any going back to the difference between gender disorients something like anorexia with people who are gender to sport their brains has been partially either Moscow. And is our seminar direction. I got the gender they identify right? The thing is these studies that show this in brain also completed with sexual orientation. So if you have a study on trans women say, so these are people who were born male, but identifies female, they are also tracking for the most part two men. So when you brain studies, we're still not clear on the differences. We're seeing are due to them identifying a female or due to them being sexually attracted to men because there are very strong neural correlates that are associated with sexual orientation. So that's the other thing that people aren't talking about is that this has a lot to do with sexual orientation being gay. And so the brain college that people are talking so much about how transgender gender is in the frame. It's not really accurate because we're. We don't know that for sure yet. Dr deborah. So thank you so much. I appreciate it. Always enlightening to talk to somebody who is. Not politically, correct. And doesn't agree with everything that you say, or you know,.

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