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So i don't think the profile has anything to do with it I'd be curious out. What's the next step getting ready to Number bail from my career officer in the navy. Now i'm currently on my basket leave. That expires on june. Twenty eighth Heads annapolis for temporary duty temporary duty assignment until october. And then after that. I start my career path as information warfare community officer unique. Tom brady on your side here camera. Maybe nice if i could get Tv tonight definitely appreciate that but augustan. Are you worried about any repercussions doing this interview. It might happen. You know At the hardee's and stand. I felt like the misconception is that i don't serve. And that's never been the case. As never ever indications. I've been at the academy or else would transfer you know i'm i'm excited to serve as officer in the navy and i'm looking forward to that career i just felt like i had the opportunity to do both and i don't see why I'm not able to. How many push ups can you do right now. I mean i'll still say out of the exact number but if it's a competition i keep going if i said one hundred back. I didn't mean to insult you. Of course you could do one hundred. Yeah i understand Good luck with the fight here cameron. We appreciate it. We'll be following this. And i wish you well because i can understand the frustration there of you. You think you've got something and you still want to commit to the military and then it was taken away from you so good luck with the next step. Whatever that is yes. Thank you for having me on the show. Cameron kinley former navy. Cornerback went undrafted in was trying to make the tampa bay buccaneers. We're missing something here. Because i just noticed. Article from the air force. The air force has three players who signed his. Nfl free agents. That was a month ago and they had permission.

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