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So you can create your own mini Orcades in your bedroom. You're man cave wherever you wanna put you go behind. You said a forty year old original two. They go for mommy asking. Now you're talking thousands, tens of thousands, the one that's on our stance because it's a passion of the the partners on numskull. We. We got that one shipped over from the US. It is a rich. No, it's never been touched still has the Han pin it logo on the sides, skull, the, you know, the core or slots on the bottom. That's where we got our court Orcades kind of logo from make sense. When you look at it for a long time, you guys have been making clothing the Christmas jumpers and the t shirts and with that kind of stuff. So making a jump in hardware that an unusual step for company us not so much numskull designs started from humble beginnings, five, six years ago at buying and selling Motte. Our one of the partners. He got quite creative side making ruin merchandise, so you can see things from everything officially licensed PlayStation. Merchandisers, where we kind of got our big star all the way through things like destiny crush Bondi coup Spiro stuff's coming soon, but we do do peripherals for game as well. So we've got like PlayStation and XBox, like third party peripherals that we do. So kind of make enough step isn't too much when you realize. That it's, it's not just a step from jumpers to apart line machine. It is kind of like a role in making officially licensed merchandise, whether it be clothing or technology. How big is retro in that mix of you know you've said you destiny inspire the new one and crash bandicoot, and that's the game you could do retro teasha is what does the new retro is massively at the heart of numskull designs. Again, mon- Ben come from the era. They grew up with pot LAN. They grew up playing these arcade machines as so. We do actually do a full range of retro on our website is well, we've got space invaders, unpack mon- on strides. It's it's nice for the company to do something that they're really into well, so so yeah, it's it's, it's definitely not true for us. Hi, my name's Matt. I'm I work in marketing French stream. The idea behind end stream is we were streaming platform for retro video games. Aim is to be basically video games. Netflix. Is two movies and what Spotify music retro games I hold a game. So this means your licensing, the stuff from the license holders, that's correct. Yeah, that's a story to. So we've had a lotta adventures there. We've licensed over two thousand games. We launching him with a thousand games and we constantly finding new licenses all over the world. Some of the really old stuff be being put out by companies that are no longer with us is that part of the process tracking down the guy who can Zayn that document. That's what I mean by saying it's an adventure of it, so it can be difficult yet. A lot of the time, the people don't even know what the licenses to people don't know who owns the license to what. So that's the whole detective story. Basically getting to the bottom of all of that is an interesting one furlong time. This has been kind of a Homebrew Marquez and that people have been taking Rum's and point them up on images and putting them up online. Emulations been a big thing and you've had a bit of a kickback against that. Nintendo have been signed to people cease and desist gal them, these are still our our Ps. You want to be able to get them, but this allows and also this, this ought. The some games as service and some stuff that it's been around up until recently on fan supported science has also been suppressed. So I used to be into that gap or are you complimenting? Well, there's people doing the way I look at is like the world west. The internet was unregulated. People just putting whatever it was. It was the same with movies. It's the same with music people who are just like sticking everyone, everything up there for anyone to download as people have caught up with it. Corporations of caught up with what's going on. Copyright holder started to catch up with what's going on. You're going to see more regulation, whether people think that's a good thing. Bad thing. And the way we look at it, it means the people that have got the rights to these games..

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