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Man. And I believe he had question number 17 today if I saw that, right, Jack Windsor from WFTV TV, joining me now live on the mark Blazer. So, Jack, did you? Ah, Do you have questions? 17. Is that what I thought I saw? Hey, Mark. Good to hear from you again. I did. I had questions 17. And of course, the cut off 16. Well, surprise. Surprise. Surprise, Right, right, Dude, I love it. I assume as we go on, I read I go. You know, I was saying that you were going to be joining me in an hour, and when we're going on last hour, I said Jack posted breaking news. Younger people are getting sick because we are testing younger people. So ah, right surprise. Yeah, I had to laugh, man. I had to laugh at that. Gosh, I don't even I boy after the after today in the seven counties Now that Are going to be under that. Why? I guess. Six o'clock tomorrow gives everybody time to prepare because between now and then, you know, Cove. It's going to leave everybody alone. I guess right? Yeah, It's kind of like our smartphones. It's a smart virus. It knows that if you're at a bar or a restaurant, you're in a group of six. It will leave you alone unless you go to another group of six. Or for whatever. Yes, So between nine. Tomorrow you're safe. But tomorrow it's going to turn on a better radar Didn't really get people that don't have enough fun. You've got Tio. You had such a great post earlier today. Kind of breaking down the color coded nonsense That's going on for the state of Ohio. Now, the the seven shy have some dude it is like it looks like Xerox Xerox copier threw up in this place. I have papers everywhere. I'm trying to figure out Where I have notes everywhere. The seven county Franklin Butler, Chiyoda Hamilton, here on Montgomery and Trumbull, rated at Level three. And the level three means very high exposure and spread teetering. I guess Franklin is in danger of reaching the highest rating level, which is purple at four. Is that what I'm seeing? I okay. Alright. Yep. That's corrected at level four. By the way. The advice is on ly leave home for supplies. And services. So essentially, we're on lock down at level foreign at level three it the advices limit activities as much as possible. The thing that burned me today, Jack and I still am beginning to see red again because I have to read it again as and point out that it was the thing that really burned me was The he was. The governor mentioned that the virus is spreading out of family gatherings, Birthday parties. I'm tourist destinations, funerals, churches in some workplaces and Jack. No protests were mentioned whatsoever. None not not mentioned once and by the way. The age is skewing younger. Now that is testing positive, which is right in lockstep with the protest. Yet protests are not being mentioned. There is an enormous problem here. There is an enormous problem. You know, the protests are being mentioned. We know that kids there and I guess I shouldn't call him kids, young adults. They're going back to college and reporting for camps. They're getting tested consistently and, you know, temperature check. And you know, kids go get deferred care that Maybe they didn't have before. So we have an increasing number of young people who are being tested. But again, the key is this is not translating. Two hospitalizations or death. Let me tell you this. You mentioned it. Franklin, Kaya, Hogan, Hamilton, Montgomery Butler here on in Trumbull County. Those are the red ones, right? Those were the ones where the governor said today we gotta take caution so we could kick this virus right in the gut. Well as of yesterday, 15 hospitalizations in zero deaths in all seven counties. You dig into each county on the state website and you look it And here's the distinguishing factor. It's not reported in the last 24 hours. That's a reconciliation. It's a reconciliation number. That number can reach all the way back into. You know, it was here in November. Now November 12th and pull numbers forward. This tracks the date of onset 15 hospitalizations in our our seven red counties. Zero deaths, and they're in a level three in Franklin County. Ah was at zero hospitalizations, zero deaths and they're on the verge of being told that they can't Go anywhere unless it's for supplies and services. In the post. I also reference the CDC. The CDC started combining influenza like illnesses and pneumonia and covert. They call it pick P I C so pneumonia, influenza and incumbents. Probably two months ago. And their chart they have a chart in the United States is all greed. Which means, hey, this is this is a safe thing that is the CDC site. The CDC last week also indicated that for 10 weeks straight, the number of deaths from Kobe has declined, declined to client kind client on down the line and there, it's actually at the threshold of losing its epidemic status. But when you listen to the governor today, he's talking about how we should be terrified. And that we need to pay attention in these reds. These red keep saying state these red counties and that we need to mask up and this thing is really violent and it's very contagious and it's spreading. We're not seeing it when you Here's the other thing. You didn't tell you today praise him for giving us a chart on the positivity rate. By the way, that's back down to 5% So we tested you know 14 14,000 Plus, uh, 14,719 on the fifth. And we had 732 positive, so we're back down to 5% positivity rate. That's what's going on the cases. We're taxing the kind of people on their testing positive, but they're not going to the hospital. Because they are younger wanting to. It's probably picking up antibodies, which you know that the test Khun Dio and asymptomatic people, which by the way you want tell you is not a real big issue. The CDC has said it is passed orders have said it the W H O has said it everyone but the governor will say it on the press conference jackets, Josh one of the things that kind of befuddled me today, when You know, the sky was falling and the plague was here to wipe out young people's. Then I hear the lieutenant governor. Go ahead and authorize full contact. Sports air go and Yeah, you gotta test and do this will I don't understand the mixed message. We're supposed to be quaking in our boots that younger people are coming down with it. And yet we're saying to our athletes, student athletes yet it's cool. Get together, You know, contact practice. Do all that. Are they just not aware of how inconsistent that message sounds and it kind of loses credibility when you tell me to be scared, and then you say, All right, go play football. Go do this. It doesn't It doesn't register. It doesn't register and frankly to me, and I hate to be this guy because, you know I'm a journalist, right? And I'm supposed to walk down the middle of the street and shoot out windows on both sides of the street on this issue..

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