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Forty five thousand poppy flowers usaa sponsoring it senior vice president of military affairs retired vice admiral john bird says the memorial visualizes the magnitude of the sacrifice and reminds all of us that the price was paid it will be on display until sunday at seven pm in washington rachel sutherland fox news the president of the university of southern california c l max nakir has agreed to resign for failing to discipline a gynecologist at the school accused of groping students at least a dozen lawsuits have been filed against dr george tidal movie producer harvey weinstein sporting an ankle bracelet and free on one million dollars bond after surrendering to police in new york city on friday to face rape and sexual assault charges his attorney benjamin bronfman predicting they will get the charges dismissed we believe that they are constitutionally flawed we believe that they are not factually supported by the evidence and we believe that at the end of the process mr the weinstein will be exonerated prosecutors weinstein used his power money in a position to lure young women into situations where he was able to violate them lava from the killer way of volcano has burned more buildings in hawaii total now exceeds eighty structures thirtyseven of those homes exit polls projecting that voters in ireland ever repealed a constitutional ban on abortion the actual vote counting starts in about an hour from now and should be finished later in the day a game seven is forced in the nba eastern conference final as the cavaliers beat the celtics one hundred nine ninety nine on friday night blonde james forty six points a jack callaghan fox news radio from the cremation society of minnesota weather center partly cloudy into your saturday morning maybe a stray stormer to lows in the upper sixties sunny and hot for the.

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