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For one with three quarterbacks now you guys are going to take a quarterback in the draft will you will here is is answer to the number thing that run it's eight best players of how's falls as six could be a quarterback we wanted to be someone else that was so who knows where they were having that said you know strength well you had you know spent kind of fell to them the second round i remember this time approaching that drafted you know was and he was thought to be like a top twenty guy or a or better yeah there was more bowles being a late not a huge deal despite what happened last year if that signing his players sometimes life a word sometimes you late for work that's nice several intolerable i'd i truly a and i don't be abundantly we should be you know ben guys again sight you know our yeah dream two critical of motto they we are i think he talks are not the an organizations problems i was a hard the timing goes down typically well of of you have figured three men in the locker room and they each whatever try you know rather coach or whatever what they can other coached was i'm says publicly wash we want to talk about you know you let your late those guys here that and the other guys show the like yeah i was november kutcher vs won well be an showed up one of my plusminus while that's to damaged you don't say but that's the damage and is says festering and then when they comes on won a game in the fourth quarter i just saw lean back on the fact that if you're late for work to does matt right and then you have as organically and and it and and naturally as possible yeah raider margin and tries to save the day and has that guy our good not good well you talk about the locker room from last year we were in it we don't know what it was like he was asked how bad was it was just take on that now from minutes is really one concerns flat out for all his last year was enough this one was losing so people's thing to come his worth.

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