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The Rand Corporation had to figure out how to beat World War Three. Well, we didn't know a lot about that beginning, but you had all these brilliant people that don't always cooperate. And sometimes in the military, sometimes, people were afraid to criticize admiral if there are only a cap yeah you avoid all this crap by saying here's around one tended out and they response good. But without a names, no one knows that you're a private or a president is state. and. So the ideas become persuasive rather than personalities or your. Then, all those responses but also happens to sometimes someone doesn't respond to somebody else's idea. If they're in person Zanele on that yeah all but then the second round, those ideas on the first are in there. So you have to respond to all that second first-round stop that you wouldn't normally have responded to. The same thing goes on those results. Everything has a chance to be responded to without name rank serial number so that ideas become persuasive by itself. So it was a way to collect intelligence at a have it learned through innovations so it wasn't just saying what's the state of the art of thinking is like you're gonNA improve state of the art is thanking as itself yeah. A I I go by. And that's brilliant. It's Great I. Still Think it's one of the best there is however what happens if you're in a hurry? Light with Kopech nine stuff you know you. Aren't working on that one. Now, you're going to do what we call a real time Delphi. That came up because of time..

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