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Alan, you're CBS Sports Radio, which team has been a massive disappointment. Yeah, the Eagles were. We were United seven last year, and I picked him for the first of the NLCS East and that's it. That's it, Peterson. He seemed quite enough, and he wants to take Carver. Person went so, but you know that He hates the package. He was three for four cuts Act his price, and he he leads the NL in sacks 59 ahead of Russell Wilson. 80 58% conviction record and You want to throw under the bus? Okay, I'm throwing him under the bus to But I'm revving up that bus and I'm going. I'm going full speed ahead on the offensive line. You know, you're not taking into account the offensive line. They've had 11 different combinations and Season and the injuries to Lady Johnson, Brandon, Dark Brain and Brooks and Andre Dillard and Jason Peters. He was playing out of position the nose tackle it moved him over in death. The blitz was armed and he couldn't stop the glitch. And Carson went. She was taking a little bit too long in the pocket. I guess. You know he's taking three seconds. But I understand I understand this. No, no. Ordered back to the island. No, My man is an island. No quarterback to die on H and everyone needs they need protection. They're not getting the protection. If it was Drew Brees or Philip Rivers or Big Ben. They would get snowed under. They would get run over because Swiss cheese offensive line for you. You were not taking into it. You count the offensive line that I mean, he is. I think it up here. He's only 27. He's in the prime. So yeah, it Zara offensive line, and it also happens to be the poor weapons, I would say. That they put around him. Alan, I appreciate you for calling from Toronto, My man. You have great. Always talk. Great talking to you. Thank you all the time. Thank you. Alan shout outs to Rallo. He had the Eagles. You want to talk about a disappointment? That they might as well put that in it on their jersey this year. Let's go to Chicago. Let's talk to Zach. Zach you on CBS Sports Radio. What NFL team is just falling flat. From what you thought they would do this here. Man. We gonna stay in Chicago with those embarrassing bears. This is this Regime that they have had consecutively. You know, just turned down the great defense and you don't get a great defense too often, and they can't put the offense around them. They don't have all pro on the offensive line. Generally have all stone offense of life. So you know, they just don't know how to build a quality team. The Bears were supposed to be in my eyes battling for the NFC North. And there's just a joke that 51 records began was a joke. And they and people proved it. You know, time and time again, and now you get a six game losing streak and the GM came, he would come out of his office and tell the fans what they deserve. You know we were here clamoring for Theo asked me who was a form of you know, G m, a president of a baseball team will clamor for him to be the GM and president of our football team. Once a year old. You know what I mean? They can't get it right to McAfee can't get it right. They just can't get it right at all. Dad being embarrassing bears Oh new name. The embarrassing bears exact. Let's let's hope they can turn things around next year. I don't I don't have confidence. I appreciate you for calling up from shot sound. Does. Does Matt Meggie have to go? Does Ryan pace have to go? I think the answer is yes. I hate to be the guy that just says Oh, well, you know, find this guy and five. That guy, but that's the reality of it. Like some of those draft picks, Dave, they've had a chance. They've had one. MSU's Spartan hook. He tweets me. He says the Fords have ruined Detroit. He also doesn't like top six lists. Well, I don't like you. It's optics list of great people have loved the top six list that I've been doing for the past 10 years. I don't know if you could tell by the amount of interaction people love it. Just don't like you. Anthony's calling up from Maryland. Anthony, You want CBS? Sports Radio, Anthony, You love my top six list, don't you? A year. A little things. I love your top senseless man. But you know what? Yeah, most disappointing. James, you make a great list is the Chicago based I thought it was the Falcon. But it's Chicago Band. I don't understand it. I just don't understand the bed. How you start off five in one, and then all those that you just collapse. You got Khalil Mack. Great defensive player. Quarterback situation that I don't know. But Matt Maggie, he gotta go. You gotta go. Jerry got to go. Yeah, I think he will go. I think him and Ryan pace their package deal. I think they're both the hell upon out of here. So And you ask, isn't it Wasn't it Always? I'm sorry to cut you off. Wasn't it? Always fool's gold. The Chicago Bears knowing their quarterback situation. I was just always just mind blown, and it's not just a matter of injuries, but my mind was blown. When people would take a look at Nick Foles and say It's him. He's going to help us. It's him. He's going to. He's going to get us over the hump. Now, my what? You always go like that elected question. First of all. You pass on pressure home to draft your biscuit. He traded up. Yeah, traded. Then you're going to get big Nick Foles all that money Now he's hurt. He's up and down..

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