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Cried passion than pageantry of college. Football leaves here. The paul finebaum. Show our four podcast. We have another hour to go. And everybody i know is eager to flip the channel in an hour and watch alabama hope to get to the finals of the women's world series and we are heading out there right now are this alang has been covering it. All and And fortunately eliza been watching the oklahoma game as you as you obviously are. It looks like the weather's pretty good which has not been the case could afternoon and set the scene for us. Thanks paul just don't jinx the weather because we have been struggling with that for the last couple of days but today has been beautiful as you said so far and it looks like oklahoma's gonna end up getting this win over j. m. you and the i if necessary semifinal of this monday of course the schedule was pushed back a little bit. So we will see florida state in alabama. Play in about an hour so here in oklahoma city mattie shipment has been here with me all week throughout the sec tournament throughout this entire tournament in the postseason and this is an alabama team that has been so so dominant especially when you look at the postseason. I think tied fans were a little surprised that yesterday when the way that it did in them. Falling to the florida state seminoles but one of the bigger stories of that game was the fact that head coach. Patrick murphy started lexi kilfoyle which we talked a lot going into this game. Mattie about it not having been that much of a surprise. Florida state had played really late the night before you think you throw kilfoyle but they ended up kind of needing that little bit of momentum that we expect them to get with fouts tonight. I absolutely think that they're going to be a completely different team out there tonight. And i really wasn't surprised that we saw lexi kilfoyle she. Somebody that has battled some injuries throughout the regular season. But she had a really good outing against alabama state in their regional and then had another really good outing against kentucky in the super regional. So when you're in the winners bracket you have the opportunities to put some other pitchers out there in a circle. And i think exa- that's exactly what coach patrick murphy we talk about. How much of a grind. This tournament is and with the schedule. Getting moved back a little bit. Florida state and alabama both got an extra night of rest. We saw jam. You come out literally with a bang. First-pitch home run against oklahoma. What do you expect from a rest standpoint for both these schools. But i think it's gonna make a huge difference because you remember that. Florida state was one of the teams that was playing late into the morning to get that win but it didn't really seem to affect them at all. I think there's something to be said for momentum getting it on your side. Getting into that rhythm. I'm but i know that. Florida state team is definitely rested up. They've got a really good pitching staff in the circle between catherine sandercock and kaelin arnold. So you know that. All of their pitchers are going to be ready when it comes to florida. State that team relies on putting the ball on the ground forcing defenses to make plays so that's going to be their game plan. Going up against montana fouts knowing that she throws with such high velocity trying to see if they can put pressure on alabama's defense and they'll make mistakes. Paul one of the things we talked about last night was alabama's hitting know kilfoyle didn't have a bad outing yesterday. They just really weren't able to get the bats going so you know we talk last night on. Sec now about the bailey. Hemp pills the kaley towels of this roster really having to get the bats a little bit hotter tonight and make some of those adjustments offensively a- manage both of you know the audience for for women's softball just starts to build exponentially this time of the year so a lot of people have heard the name on town of fouts but those of you could talk about her celebrity right now because not only are people inside this world talking about her but people everywhere are talking about right now and rightfully so i mean not only is she an absolute pleasure to talk to off the field. You look at the way that she approaches every single game and we always comment about just the intensity that's all over her face something that her catcher bailey hill talks about a lot. She rarely has to psych montana up because she's always locked it. I think what's so impressive when you look at her season as a whole a lotta pictures would be satisfied with just being able to throw seventy seventy one miles per hour on a consistent basis but every single time she goes out to throw. She goes back and watches the film and tries to figure out. How can she get better so not only was she good at the beginning of the season but she has been throwing lights out here in the postseason specifically here at the world series. And that's what really makes her special is that she is never satisfied. So she's thrown with high-velocity she's got great spin great movement on her ball. And that's why you're seeing some of the best offenses in the country. Really struggle against her. You just hit the nail on the head because even in the sec tournament. I think she broke or came close to tournament. Record for strikeouts and paul in the post game interview. She was like yeah. I was a little bit concerned about my pillow tonight and we were like. Oh my gosh. You are pitching lights out. Same thing with the perfect game on friday night. She immediately hit the post game interview and was like yeah saw a couple things that i could do. Better in a perfect game describes her. I think the work goes all the way back to the offseason as well. Talking to coach patrick murphy. He said that one of their off days. He saw her walking outside of the weight room and so he texted her to say. Hey what's up. is everything okay. And she said. I'm taking it upon myself to meet with the strength coach because i want to make sure that i'm able to throw seventy miles per hour not just in february. But she wanted to be able to do it endings. One through seven here in the postseason and we're seeing exactly. You could tell. She was a little bit stress last night. She was chewing on the cup in the dugout. And we were like. Yeah montana's itching to get in that game. But paul i will say for anyone watching who has not watched alabama softball yet this season. You have to keep an eye on the broadcast for montana fouts father in the stance because he is one of the most exciting non softball athletes that we have seen in the post season. He's always getting fired up to watch montana. Throw guys thank you so much. It is a little over an hour away. And i think everyone will be watching. We really appreciate it. Elizabeth and matty and we will continue right here. There's so much else going on. We mentioned that the That you can keep up with our friends out there after the game all week. Long as long as the women's world series goes on an sec to through wednesday and probably even perhaps longer now that has been delayed. Well let's say one more thing before we get back to your calls and we've talked about it a lot but i realize new audience shows up every few minutes. Nick sabin has agreed to an extension until the twenty th through the twenty twenty eight season when he will turn seventy seven..

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