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29 please. 29 is runny Rodriguez. Up in the backs delivery lined in the shallow left. It's down a base hit into score. How old Mathias is into scoring. The Brewers have the legal right to hang on a second. Who was that? Ronnie Rodrigue, yet there was a spring training game. Ronnie, run I've lived here. Are you sure he actually played for the Brewers? Rodriguez. Jordan is saying, Look it up if you don't believe him. Yeah, I've said a couple of bites on Ronnie Rodriguez gets young base. What do you know? I just all right. Fair enough, right? Two men on 20 Please number 20 Orlando RC heard him drive to left and deep way back. Get up. Get out of here. It's gone for three run shot had one more in the 19 ing and this is going to be all right. He's had a good run so far in them four games if they played, or however many, Okay, so that's four runs for you, Scott. You are now officially capped a heck of a two out rally. Here comes a Roger from Mayville put the pine tar on the bets. Where we going 1st 25 25 he says with conviction 25 today is Ryan Braun. Stretch the patch Stock insanity. Cyril Holding Ryan, Wrong hit an absolute rocket in right center field is a good start for a man on second. I already stole my next number 29 28 28 is Rickie weeks and a tutu from.

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