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Of these poems have you written this time. I'm actually so. I am working on publishing That it's exactly like your insists with When i was growing up. I was there the inmate. He called on t-shirt also nightsticks but they don't show a lot of different sexualities. Don't here from it on chilly really. You're in highschool Something that nobody talks about eight talk about it. So i call it was compulsory. Intersex charlie you you a girl hockey boy and girls girls boys were boys. That was it. So i tend to write a lot about that. Addition inch makes mississippi. That because whenever you try end up hirsch met on a state level yield at somebody experiences. It's just very a pleasant conversation happening. frantic bente should you. They do different things. So it's a lot of writing at that particular. Instances down. I just a stranger doing it. You don't like the statistics for rape and sexual falsely somebody you know both east roaming and it's incredibly you. It breaks your self confidence. Break your sense of ability to trust especially because they're people you know. Yeah great. great deal of guilt. I and this is the thing that i found myself and i talked with other france or something like that. It's somehow we interpreted us scene. It's our fault allowed ourselves. Taken advantage shop Which is unfair right. We do want to feel like we have control over who. We leaden to our lives at the same time. They're very good liars out there and also a lot of learning life learning happens through interruptions so for people to somehow blame us for not having perfect friends people who will take advantage after. They've gotten to known us again. I just feel like okay. Well how conservative your life has to be in order to not let anyone who might take advantage of you in any way. You're pretty much like louis. Post herself of lebanon a hole in order for that. So i think that some of the frustrations rather than talk with the people who perpetrate these sexual assaults than sexual violence in breaking of boundaries. They often are not the ones who have to toe the line. In fact usually they are the ones that are allowed to get away with stuff. And that's why escalate exactly like you said the for like i watching factual official harassment happening equal. Don't like they don't stop in the against the that happening. But they don't know what the lion ns the like shredding inner. It's not tom business. Why should i be. It's really frustrating. Because there is no standard training in the us. Imagine mexico as well as saying 'cause it's kinda individual we are not all into the same thing some people will accept certain interactions as opposed to others. And also there's this. I think is still not understood. Widely enough that sexual assaults are about power rather than sex which people think of as a privacy issue. Did writing this poem help new to process what happened. Yes this many forms. I think one of the main things with mine experience with such also of sexual harassment rape in itself is that i rose. You know you have responses by five. Birthrates and gross. So i never knew how spunky things happening. Whenever i try to respond via certain. Tell people to refresh There're always bigger repercussions this maple's the of but we have had actually trained on returns. Follow us around. She were relief after tried to yesterday to be by her friends. League women So it's always that you didn't have a voice either. Cheer yourself or afterwards as rushing when you were what were you doing that elicited this reaction system so the writing has a power hold because it allows me to express our belt and it's kinda like found open letter to all of this map that have done this to to other times to any other person really Yeah and i think it's very important that our voices are raised to address these issues that are from our personal experience and also for society in general to should be questioning. What the heck these men are doing or what. What were these perpetrators these these predators doing rather than to ask with the victims are doing to somehow deserve it. You know like if your wallet get stolen. Do people say. Did you use your wallet. The people see you when you use your wallet. What.

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