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Right now it right employment you can get twelve months no interest at a starting price of only twenty four ninety nine all the incredible John Z. three hundred series residential zero turn mowers plus we offer free delivery curbside service after hours pick up loading assistance the ability to purchase equipment online and a new chat feature on our website right on your P. dot com offerings for three twenty twenty some restrictions apply see offer details right implement online right I M. P. dot com and on Facebook when you hear the Kentucky Wildcats your listening to news radio eight forty WHAS Louisville Kentucky has reached college basketball's final weekend the time has come for another chapter in big thirty seven wins the most Kentucky basketball ultimate goal players one and we don't feel that way we never with the first since our first good evening everybody welcome to another edition of Kentucky classics here in the UK sports network I'm Tom leach these re broadcasts of classic U. K. games are being presented by U. K..

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