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So. How many white now. How many packages are already out there. That have ten bucks all none of them. None of yet. Yeah no packages have got ten so now got eight in order for you to have an equal amount of hot dogs and buns you have to buy four packs of hot dogs right and five bags of buns to get an even forty for each right the math right on that. Yes you did. That's the only way that they can even out. Otherwise you have too many of one. Yeah and it's a waste of bunce so sign the petition. I hope hines makes progress against big bun remember per purple ketchup. Or no no i do. I need hand green kept on. Oh yeah it tastes. They said it tastes executives Weird they just died. Different colors ireland. You're a big direct. tv person. Right i am not like the last one hold non. You hear that apple. Tv is now negotiating for sunday ticket. Why get apple. Tv too right so you would get sunday ticket through apple tv if all goes through and then i'm not sure why anybody has got direct tv anymore because everybody stuck with it. Because of the sunday ticket if they lose the sunday ticket well. I also like it. But i but but this is starting to go away. I also like it. Because i've always been able to get east coast feeds reich. I get but i don't watch network tv anymore. Do you watch do you bill any or record. Any abc nbc cbs. Fox shows. that's a good question In the size of the sunday morning political sunday morning news shows. I always do meet the press and face the nation and This week i always. Dvr those so. My brother-in-law lisa's brother lives in idaho. Has no he doesn't have cable or directtv. He basically just gets everything on off of apps lindsey. That's what you do right. Yep working out just fine for me. I'm starting to think that you and i are heading for that world. Oh oh lindsay. How do you watch sports like how do you watch. Nfl football on cbs or fox. So there's the cbs so. I think that i kind of have legible back. Doorway i used my mom's logging for her cable provider. You pull a bergman well. My mom pays for the cable. But she doesn't watch it. But i do. So someone's painful. That's what we have to figure out what we somebody's. Brother-in-law has figured it out. I used to have during football season up until this year. When i figured out that half of my mom's cable logging. I did have sling. Tv and that would allow me to watch the games. I should say down the one show and this is because a friend of mine is probably listening right now. The one show that i always. Dvr is chicago pd. I love that show. It is absolutely fantastic. It's on nbc. Never watched it. Nope all right jason gay there you have it. I gave you and i used to go to the same nutritionist. Is that right. Yeah wow all right coming up next. We have got game of games in his my game today. Plus there is a lie sometime during the show. Today i've got a lie of the day. I'm not absolutely convinced. I've got it and by the way there many possibilities but i i can't imagine i'm going to miss it this okay. Good that is coming up next for you to game. Games mason. Ireland seven ten. Espn all right here. We go for the month of july so far. Ireland is one three times. Lindsay is one once whore. Hey won the game yesterday. The spelling bee. And i have yet to scratch. It is my game which means that. I will continue to be in the scoreless. Was that your first win. In the month yesterday was it was. Yeah yeah he's been on a roll though in these games So this is simple game over under. I'll give you a question. You tell me if the answer is higher or lower number one how. How much money. Have sam jackson movies made at the box office. Is it over or under. Four billion dollars ireland. It's over over. Lindsay over over with the crowd over four point three five billion dollars. His movies are worth all. These are relatively close. So you guys all get the point there number two maury wills holds the dodgers all time record for career stolen bases career stolen bases. Is it over or under. Five hundred lindsey under lindsay says under hora. I'll say over over and ireland. Five hundred gonna say over the correct answer. Lindsay is the the point is under. He stole four hundred ninety career basis. All right number three. How many episodes of breaking bad weather is it over. Or under seventy episodes where they're more or less than seventy episodes of breaking bad or. Hey over says over ireland. I think under under and lindsey. It's only on five seasons. I'm gonna go under under the correct answer. Sixty two episodes breaking bad hat. I think there were six seasons right. I think they're five. There were no. There's time because i recently watched it. Yeah sixty two episodes in those five seasons all right lindsay three ireland to or hey one here is number four. How many twitter followers for justin bieber over or under one hundred million ireland. I'm going over going over. Lindsay under under jorges over over is the correct answer. Yeah one hundred. Thirteen million twitter followers. He has number two. I think only to it. I think it is katy perry. Yeah all right. So it's Ireland three lindsey three. Hey to here is number five in his one year with the lakers develop mcgee set the all time record for best franchise field goal percentage in a season best franchise field goal percentage in a season. Was it over or under sixty two percent lindsay. I'm ninety. I guess i'll go over going over under under under ireland. I'm going over. It is over sixty two point eight percent. He shot from the field last year. So it is now ireland four lindsay for hey to let go lindy number six. How tall is mount everest. Is it over or under twenty nine.

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