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Is now in effect what do affect your few minutes go New York State Thruway authority the empty tractor trailer ban ahead of this winter storm covers all of I. ninety from the Lackawanna toll barrier to the Pennsylvania state line as the weather continues to progress one trucker says he's prepared to ride out the storm in the back of his truck if tomorrow the bad temperature is a very bad temperature I may stay in my parking lot of the truck stop that's enough then Friday love the subtle get up then I'll continue my Friday morning thirty years that I've driving driven truck I don't want to risk getting into an accident or whatever so at this point the band is essentially in effect until further notice I obviously until conditions improve but not obvious reasons as you have blizzard warnings that are in place and that you're getting an initial round of snow fall but the big concern is L. later today when the wraparound begins to fully kick in the lake effect snow machine where we're gonna be talking about snowfall measured in feet along some of those corridors and it's going to become I would assume that at some point probably gonna have to shut down some of those roads travel will be virtually impossible in those conditions but it's coming down to two inches per hour the road crews and ploughs they decide they simply cannot keep up with those kind of snow falls and it's enough to overwhelm the treatment on the roadways a south of buffalo and north of Syracuse where the National Weather Service has those blizzard warnings that bring in this really cold air across the entire eastern U. S. begins to lift up in the Canada today and it's on that backside where you'll see those strong winds crossing the lakes with barely any ice covering the lakes and that means a lake effect snows so starting today across the western lakes places like Marquette and traverse city Michigan you'll pick up a few inches of fresh snow there will be accumulating snow across Michigan Michigan's not looking at the high end event though it's when you get over to carriers out later in the day Thursday Thursday afternoon it's downwind of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario where it's really gonna be piling up the winds are going to be blown within a matter where you have the snow bands that initially kind of form over Lake Superior so you've already got the clouds in the lake effect snows then they track over Lake Huron and eventually Lake Ontario the progression the amount of time that the these clouds are over the waters just continue to expand up up and away and I don't I don't noble Jim can't Tory B. station up there today because they mention the word thunder snow and you know Jim Jim can Tory about what's his pants anytime he hears the word thunder snow's he'll be he'll be there jumping up and down there there's no just they had a laugh on that one Jim just so you get all wound up like he would that's understood what happens you know he just he really gets excited knowing yeah the order.

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