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I'm like no maybe eighty let it go but right now right now. I like coloring it so as soon as you were old enough. You got your introduction to formal training at your local small. Cosmetic store will no not formal training. I got it was almost like a job interview at the local. Makeup store was a friend of my mother's i didn't actually work there because my experience at the store was i went in and she said i'm gonna teach you everything i know. I'm gonna show you how to do makeup. And she started with taking everything off and she said well. Your skin is really yellow. So let me make it pink and by the way your noses too big. So i'm gonna show you how to contoured and your lips are too small. Let me show you how you can make them. Bigger and your eyes are very bedier small. Let me make those bigger. And by the time i was done she made me feel like i was the ugliest person and i looked in the mirror and i just said oh my god. I looked terrible. I went home. Didn't cry. I washed my face. And i said i look much better and i never wanted to work there but i did see this woman. Her name was elaine about twenty years ago and she said i am responsible for your success and i said yes you are part of it. That is true but not for the reason you suck at that point in your life. Would you think you wanted to do professionally. I didn't know i mean i was. I was still in high school. So i was more concerned with hanging with my friends and even when it was time to go to college i didn't go look at colleges. I followed a boyfriend. University wisconsin at oshkosh. I graduated high school early. Not because i had great grades but because i just did my homework to be done so i could do something else so i went there for six months and then i went to university of arizona. I was there for a year. And i came home and said mom i school is so boring..

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