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Wrong move to make in the moment like none of us had the benefit of hindsight before we determined that decision to be absolutely catastrophic. None of us but you know what he had direct. He had the benefit of wisdom from a big league career jeered. That's what he had. He had the benefit of wisdom having been around the game for as long as he's been around the game he had the benefit of all that and that did not win out on the day. That sucks that's heartbreaking. So what's really ironic about is you're going to have a guy or you have a guy who was fired by his organization for conceivably not being the leader that the team needed and here. He is up for the award. That would acknowledge him as the best leader of a team in the league. And then you have another guy who his decision making got his team to exactly where they were and conversely his decision making is exactly what cost them right the ring or potentially but you know jerks something ask you ask me down but i wanted you know who i fucking. Preseason pick was for manager of the year. You know who's gonna end up winning manager of the year you know who's gonna look like an idiot even though he was right me because i picked kevin cash to be manager of the year. Am i going to be correct. Yes i am is. Is that going to be the correct decision. No because manager of the year should be voted on after the fucking world series. And if it's voted on after the world series. Do you think that kevin cash is winning that award. No he's not. I am the correct idiot in this old on. Well then right here right now right here right now you have a choice to make today is where you draw the line in the sand. Today's where we make a stand. I will say this even as a man who gets to celebrate the only three time manager of the year. Jesus call rice down now. I am not from this moment on. I am boycotting the manager of the year award until they allow athletes to occur after the postseason boycotting the manager award. Let's let's say it was conducted after the world series. Who are you voting for. I'm honestly voting for dusty baker. I am i was there. And that's i mean if you're if you're throwing that in there because look and that's the drum that i was beating all year long. I said at the beginning. I said this is the most important off to hell with garrett cole and his half a billion dollars this is the most plo. This is the most important postseason offseason acquisition that was going to be made and it was because of what dusty did all season what they should do. Rose took the bullets now. He pointed the arrows at himself. He this is what they should do. They should do it twice. They should do it to take. I think they should vote on manager of the year before the postseason and that final they should. They should vote on the manager of the year before the postseason and those votes count as two points and then they should vote on it again after the world series in that counts as one point. Well see i was gonna say like like the all star game for players. It's sort of acknowledging the guys who have had a really good run to get things going. How 'bout at that point in time we take stock of some managers that have been doing well. Maybe they've made some decisions. Maybe them being involved in the game has really shown up in some way and we identify those guys. And now you've got you know we're kind of paying attention to a group and then from that group who makes it into the postseason. That's the group that you can start to really evaluate. Because i think even if you don't allow the voting to occur until after the postseason you're still probably going to skew heavily towards somebody who's in that postseason and probably somebody who's hanging around towards the end of that postseason so while today are votes are cast for dusty baker under that premise. If we actually see it play out and given cash does it make the decision. He made is dusty baker. Still your answer. probably not. yeah. I agree with that. I think that that one decision which isn't even it should not. Even one hundred percent be attributed to kevin cash like they're talking about this on mlb network and it'll never happen. But i i get the sentiment. And i like it. Where if you're going to be calling shit like that from upstairs don't have kevin caspi hung out to dry for like these postgame press conferences right like yeah like have like the executive like is how jim joyce perfect example. Jim joyce umpires. Don't have to meet with the media. But jim joyce met with the media after he blew the garage perfect game. He's like you know what a man that's on me. I'll fucking answer your questions. Whatever fucking nerd upstairs that was like you know what if we don't want them to see the lineup. Three times doesn't matter. How many pitches like that's coming from me. You go get him you go pull him you fucking face the music but then the counter that is we hired kevin cash like part of the job of being the manager is you gotta face the music for the organization not just not just for you and your thoughts and your decisions you got to face the music for everyone because the nerd upstairs with the calculator these. He's a little nervous he doesn't like to. he's not a big public speaker as well as more of a crunch in the numbers guy. You're the guy who's part of your job. Description is.

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