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Two dollars that's a bloomberg business flash tom john love those data chicks realize hope bitcoin boost self over the list 24 owes off to look at the chart on the bloomberg terminal it a moment that's what you do when you listen to occur moscow data check it is a spectacular day beautiful beautiful day here in davos and this morning merely through some real hardships of getting to the world economic forum listen to a panel i did among our panel members were the bank or just daily of barclays kenneth rogoff who's been such a supportive bloomberg surveillance he's with harvard university and thereby book of the year last year the curse of cash all that pushed aside by the acclaim of rhino art in rogoff this time is different we had a panel and there was a conversation with just a of barclays and can rogoff a harvard and of course the major theme was is this time different nastja ronkko great now claim withdrew workman kurman reiner this time is due do you feel that now is the time is imprint i mean i i i feel we're still coming out of the last that apple i suppose it eight the systemic lupus with light we experience has a long after alive and taking a two ten years to fully recover is not unusual and i i must say a lot of the talked about secular stagnation good again flights genuine essex blunt demographics of activity with uh the financial crisis and so i'm absolutely i'm not going to tell you there's not gonna be another crisis sales of my book collapse but i'm optimistic going forward about you know where the world economy is at the moment we can talk about could there be a crisis of course debris recession absolutely but i absolutely think we're at the tail end of the last one in a typical pretty typical your doctorate what was it number one lesson we learned coming out of this crisis i a certain later people in been consulted depth in that everything in a go to the.

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