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Speaking of when's i'm going to put over my oneway friendship withdrew gulick from the city of brotherly love and a particular moment in the fatal fourway where he prevented his colleague tony needs from taking off from the top rebel civic miers two slow right now well let's pick who i scare pain flying radic's takes away to the program positive fly zone now is organ which partner because he's great is growing by good luck was a chance for pal point at one point did crowd with chanting for cowboy now he's officially over and the man at it if they could do a good powerpoint on raw that's it it would seal it yellow teeshirts stick fulltime we have done there are no good power points at all uh hey julian do you think under this closing part i could get a bed of of mardi scroll singing hero smith police just something like romantic in light that does it for tights and fights we're a podcasts in the maximum fund network this week are hosted daniel radford and lindsey kelkal on with me how lublin our producers the head of the blood tino world order julian barral sidia producer maximum find is laura swisher mike eagles the voice meandered theme music as well so we're putting over for that keep up with us all week long it facebookcom groups less tights fighting at tights fights on twitter and if you love the show remember to hit those five stars on apple podcast in shares with all your friends thank you so much to all the maximum fund members who have thrown some of the donation towards this show and i'll keep the lights on we're in the studio and daniels right outside of it.

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